Q&A with AllBuffs.com: Fights, Bids, & Tempe

The good group over at allbuffs.com had a few questions for me heading into Colorado’s visit to Tucson Thursday night. We talked a little about kicking coaches, a little about a school in Phoenix, touched on the Buff’s chances to win less than a mile high, and broached a few other hoops related topics. As open conversations go, we learned I’m still not over Derrick Williams’ presence at Arizona.

Now I have no personal experience with this but you know how when you first get into prison you have to pick out the biggest, baddest MoFo in the joint and fight him? Yeah, everyone knows that. So you pick him out, pop him a couple times and likely find yourself abused. But it immediately gets you respect and out of trouble so long as you’re not a complete idiot.

That’s sort of what the AllBuffs guys have done. Check out their rivalry manifesto. I love it. They’ve picked the Arizona Wildcats and why not? New to the conference, they’re coming after the cream of the crop, the leaders of the Pac, the belle of the ball, the bee’s knees, the team with the most going for them. I mean, take a peak at this picture, which of these coaches do you think has the biggest, baddest, most MoFo of a program?

Yeah. I’d say you picked right Colorado.

Best of luck and thanks for talking Pac-12 hoops with me. I have got to get out to Boulder for a game soon because you may not be able to win at altitude, but you sure can party.

2 thoughts on “Q&A with AllBuffs.com: Fights, Bids, & Tempe

  1. Dude, you’re welcome out here anytime.

    I have to say, I’m LOVING the PAC-12. LOVING. After years of dealing withi inbred hicks from Nebraska and going to places like Aimes, Iowa and Lubbock, Texas for games, the fans in the PAC-12 are much more pleasant to be with.

    Even the ones that think I’m one of 6 yahoos on a backwater board…

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