The Cardinal Didn’t Sign CU’s Death Certificate

Johnny Dawkins and the Stanford Cardinal completed the season sweep of the Colorado Buffaloes last night in Boulder. Stanford beat Colorado by an average of 22 points per game this year. It was the Buffs first home loss in conference play and all but ended their chances of dancing or winning the conference title.

Now get over it.

Colorado is a team with remarkably unsuspecting and unproven talent. The only player not named Andre who received any national attention before this season was on BIAH’s All-Name Team (Sharpe and Harris-Tunks).

An arm sleeved Aussie? A North Dakotan with a WASP of a name? A transfer from Utah? An Askia and a Dinwiddie? No wonder this group was picked to finish next to Ski Trip companero, Utah, at the bottom of the Pac.

News flash: they didn’t, they haven’t, they wont.

Boyle’s Boys, a group no one believed in, has played in the top-three of their new conference from the start of this thing and still can finish there. Sure it’s a down league but it’s a league – like every other – where each team plays a full schedule, accumulates a record, and standings are established. When such a scenario unfolds and you’re finding your team’s name closer to the top of the list than the bottom, that’s good!

Judge yourself on a body of work, not an individual performance.

Sure Stanford rolled the Buffs but that’s an outlier in the course of a 30+ game season. Have you seen He’s Just Not That Into You? Exceptions and rules.

Embrace the fact that Boyle and the program he’s building is a rule. A group that may not wow you on paper but who cares because the rule is: if you score more points than your opponent more often than you don’t, you’re a good team.

Colorado is a good team. A growing program.

And last night was an exception to the fact that the Buffs have pieced together one helluva season. Colorado isn’t dead. They’re growing.

And hey, there’s always Staples.

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