Championship Bout of the Pac-12 Coaches Death Match

Championship is over. See who won.

Huge melon, meet incessant cough. Cough, melon.

I won’t bore with the minutiae like that fact that these two combined for 42% of the total votes in this Death Match. Or that Miller accumulated 408 votes to Tad’s 378. Popular? Sure. Savage? Undoubtedly.

Look into the Colorado Carnium’s eyes:

Yes. This image is saved as "Tad's Eyes."

Do you see an ounce of sane in there? What in the world do those eyes say? Victory comes to mind. So do bat feces and DGAF. Tad rolled his way into the finals, abusing Monty, Dawkins, and CRob.

But now I’m not about to run back Whooping’s request to catch the ball. There’s enough viciousness in that GIF to frighten even Joseph Kony. Instead I’ll remind you that Miller so furiously doesn’t give a rat’s tail that he suspended his starting point guard indefinitely right before his team’s 2012 Pac-12 tournament debut. Holy mind F as he’s about to obliterate Ben Howland and his spineless suspension policies (on the court, of course).

The time is now. The ‘ship is here. Miller. Boyle.

Who will win the Pac-12 Coaches Death Match?

#5 Sean Miller vs. #7 Tad Boyle

  • #5 Sean "Whooping" Miller (52%, 440 Votes)
  • #7 Tad "Colorado Cranium" Boyle (48%, 403 Votes)

Total Voters: 843

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      1. You are welcome to embrace my greatness. While it’s to be expected, its also quite flattering. Let’s do this!!!! ROLLLLLLLLLLL TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD

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