What to Make of Josiah Turner’s Suspension

It wouldn’t be a 2011-12 Pac-12 basketball event if there wasn’t a significant suspension right?

After all, this is the year of USC’s injuries and Sports Illustrated and Kevin Parrom’s tragedy and player suspensions and player dismissals. So when Josiah Turner was suspended – his third “DNP Coach’s Decision” this year – it came as now surprise.

But now what to make of it? FIND THE HUMAN FLAWS!!!

Let’s point a finger at Turner and demand him out of the program. I mean, three suspensions is treading on Nelson territory and is utterly unacceptable. Now let’s look at Sean Miller’s program. The third year coach has missed, in some capacity, on 42% of his recruits (from flops to departures) and that doesn’t include the impending careers of Turner (departure candidate) and Jordin Mayes (flop candidate) who was given a scholarship over Tucson local and ACC scoring champ, Terrel Stoglin.

Dare we? Get outta here!

Turner broke rules so he got suspended. And not for a half at that. The season has come to an exhausting peak and appears to have culminated in some bad decisions. Miller said it himself that Turner “is not a bad kid.” He’s making some form of bad decisions and he’s paying the price. Such is life.

And as for Miller, I’m on board. I couldn’t be happier he’s in Tucson and I don’t think people realize just how bottomed out Arizona was when he took over. The class that fell into his lap was glorious but created of veil over reality that this was a program short three recruiting classes. Now, Miller’s third true recruiting class, is heralded as other worldly.

The Wildcats are right about where they should be in year three and Josiah Turner is right about where he should be after doing what he’s done.

Will he get any better? Maybe.

The end goal is that you hope he learns from this in whatever manner he’s meant to learn, right? Sports teaches us lessons and coaches are entrusted to convey those messages. Winning is a byproduct of those lessons and the big question becomes: what gets compromised?

If it’s rules, looks like Miller wont. If it’s attitudes, looks like Miller’s missed on a few prospects.

Time will tell but I think everything will wind up – OK.

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