If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Starting yesterday, I’ll be doing a weekly wrap up (<– that’s the wrap up, FYI) of the Pac’s goings on at AllBuffs, the best Colorado fan site I’ve ever known and home to friends. Allow me to tell you more about it.

The Colorado Buffaloes won the inaugural Pac-12 tournament, garnering the conference’s 2012 automatic bid and did the conference proud in The Dance. That late season run culminated in Buffs Madness this past October and the raising of the banner.

A sweet, sweet reward for a sweet, sweet first season in the Pac. Consequently it’s a sweet reward I’ve witnessed twelve times as a Wildcat fan if we’re talking regular season champs, four times if we’re just talking conference tournaments. Hell, once if we’re talking National Titles. Oh, wow, that didn’t take long for me to digress. But the Buffs did beat my ‘Cats twice that year and for that my hat is tipped and, as they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Before you get too crazy and think I’m changing allegiances, NEVER. I’m always going to be an Arizona fan. Fear not – or really think whatever you want – that’s my team, never going to apologize for it.

But just as last season was the Pac-12’s inaugural season, so too was it PacHoops’ first. My debut post was viewed just once per WordPress analytics. I kept at it – as I still do today – writing and refreshing that analytics page, giddy the day I exceeded ten views without writing about Arizona and posting it to my own Facebook page (I have like trillions of Wildcat fans as friends on The Book).

Then one day I had a handful of referral traffic from a site I’d never visited. I clicked and saw my blog had been linked to; it was AllBuffs! From there I received some occasional linkage and eventually I was reached out to by my now good friend, James (Goose on the boards). He’d emailed me on the gmail account I’d set up for my blog strictly because that’s what you do when you start a blog. Or at least according to the ask.com article I’d read about starting a blog told me to.

He’d written to ask me – me – to answer some questions about Arizona leading up to the Buffs and Wildcats’ meeting in Tucson. This is what transpired. From there, James and I continued to talk and together we spawned the Pac-12 Coaches Death Match. This proved quite popular and, above all else, a ton of fun. James and I continue to discuss Pac-12 basketball and, frankly, all subjects under the sun, but lots and lots of basketball.

I’ve met others from AllBuffs and you know who you are. It’s been a fun ride to date and I don’t expect that to change. The community is fantastic and they’re the right kinda fans. I dig it and eagerly anticipate my first trip to Boulder for a game. Been staring pretty hard at the Valentine’s day tilt…

So tune into AllBuffs for some Pac-12 wraps and some good banter. They’ve got a budding basketball program over there that they’re damn proud of and have a lot of reasons to be. Just ask them about Josh Scott.

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