Week 8 Pac-12 Hoops Review

It wasn’t the most exciting weekend of Pac-12 hoops. We knew there wasn’t much by way of sexy matchups but this time of year has a way of magnifying even the most nominal of moments. And so when the Beavers took Cal to wire, we watched. And when Washington took it to the Devils, we stared. And when Justin Cobbs stepped back, we awed. And when Jennifer Lawrence slipped, I dove at my television to catch her fall. Alas, things are starting to take shape in this thing we call “title chase” even if that shape is a goddamn mutilated Play Doh ball.

The weekend:

Leader in the Clubhouse: Arizona swept the weekend while Oregon wore a home loss but I’m still picking the Ducks here as they avenged that shellacking in Palo Alto. So much has been made of the absence of Artis but I’ll say that the collective parts that remain in his absence made quite an impression against a talented albeit quitting Cardinal crew. The Ducks’ impressive win over Stanford was an assertion of dominance as the sole holders of their destiny. With the easiest remaining schedule amongst title contenders, it’s impossible to consider anyone else the conference’s leader. But it’s close.

Biggest Loser:┬áThere once was an under achieving team from Tempe that won its way to 20 games against less-than-impressive talent but it was 20 nonetheless. And as they approached selection Sunday, they discovered that maybe they’re fighting an uphill battle as they did themselves no favors in losing, at home, to the 76th RPI rated Washington Huskies. In general, not an abysmal loss; but with the calendar approaching March, we find ourselves in an excuse-less vacuum of do-or-die. The Devils, with the schedule they enlisted, have put themselves in position to win their way into the Dance. The unfortunate part is they didn’t win this Saturday – their final home game of the year – which may have cost themselves a chance to dance.

What We Learned: It was just brought to my attention that Colorado can finish anywhere from second to ninth in the conference which is to say that perhaps we learned absolutely nothing from this weekend aside from the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is equal parts talented and beautiful and that Craig Robinson’s sister awkwardly hangs out with tuxedo-ed service people. So with nothing still little to report by way of solid findings, one thing remains certain: You need a ticket to Vegas. See you there.

The YouTuber: It’s going to start happening at a faster rate…

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