Not So Pac-12 Awards: Best Buzzer Beater

The buzzer beater is amongst the most exciting plays in sport. Right up there, if not exceeding, the dramatics of the walk-off, two-minute drill, or shootout. We revere those who hit them (Kobe, MJ) and laud those who miss them (LeBron).

Aside: Whether LeBron is clutch or not is not for debate here. I’m taking that guy over Kobe seven-days a week and twice on Sunday.

And look, I’ll be honest, I fancy myself a fair writer. I think I can craft a decent tale and make the moments of our beloved college hoops season magnified beyond perhaps their given importance. Hyperbole is my friend.

But there’s a reason they say a picture’s worth 1000 words. A moving picture, for that matter, is likely worth more. I’m unaware of the word value of such but to witness a moment, to see what we know was created, built, and captured in an instance, is worth innumerable words. I will not attempt to dictate these moments. Watch.

The top buzzer beaters of the season:

Evan Gordon, ASU beats Colorado


Larry Drew II, UCLA beats UW


Justin Cobbs, Cal beats Oregon


Mark Lyons, Arizona beats Florida


Not So Pac-12 Awards: Best Buzzer Beater

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