On the Latest in the Pac-12 Officiating Story

In case you missed it, USA Today recently obtained documents surrounding the relationship between the University of Arizona (namely, Sean Miller and Greg Byrne) and the Pac-12 (namely, Ed Rush and Larry Scott).

Here is the article.

It’s an interesting read, one that I enjoyed mostly for its entertainment value. For me it highlighted that no one – regardless of title, fame, or prestige – is above the ridiculousness of interdepartmental communications and corporate speak:

“???? Do not see YOUR point.” – Ed Rush

“I will address his style with him to work on improvement in this area.” – Larry Scott

“…isn’t it part of Ed’s job to be the middle man between the officials and our coaches/programs?” – Greg Byrne

Not a quote but:

There is no indication Miller replied to the e-mail, which he forwarded without comment to Byrne.

In addition to the above nuggets of corporate goodness, we’ve been made privy to Miller’s response to his hefty fine. A penalty, it would appear, Miller had the opportunity to have rescinded if he just played the game a little more.

  • If Miller wrote a letter of apology to an unnamed Pac-12 staff member who was standing in the tunnel when the coach made what Scott described as a “profanity-laced verbal attack.”
  • If Miller agreed to meet with Rush and Scott by the end of April.
  • If the Arizona athletic department would “commit to developing a plan to work with Coach Miller on his conduct and reaction to situations like this, to ensure these incidents do not happen again.”

He didn’t.

Though he did write an apology note to the unnamed staffer which only served to raise the question of whether or not Sean Miller regularly directs tirades “toward a Pac-12 banner hanging in the tunnel area near our locker room.”

It also highlights the fact that I too hope to someday send an apology note with no apology and an accompanying a $25,000 check. Big league.

Now I just wonder what was in that check’s memo field…

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