I got posts in other places: Buff’s, Pac-12, Media Day

Yesterday was a happy birthday to me. A cheers to you mom and dad and I hope you guys are having a blast in Mexico.

Now this past weekend in a roommate-less apartment I did whatever I wanted. This sums up to a lot of college basketball preparation. I streamed Arizona’s Red-Blue game in the stead of watching college football. I’m into this stuff.

And I also re-upped my seasonship with AllBuffs. I’ll be dissecting and appreciating the Colorado season with those guys on a weekly basis and you can read my first post for them BY CLICKING ON THIS BOLD AND HYPERLINKED TEXT. I’m pretty intrigued to see what steps Boyle-and-program take this season. A tipping point of sorts with expectations high in The Keg. They don their first target top.

And, in the case that you missed it, I’m knocking out social media posts for the Pac-12 on a weekly basis, too. Captioning photos and collecting sweet moments from around the conference’s sports. Tweet at me if you come across a doozy, I’ll try to include it and give you a big shout out. You can read this week’s post BY CLICKING ON THIS BOLD AND HYPERLINKED TEXT.

I’ll also be going to Pac-12 Basketball Media Day on Thursday and covering it for Rush the Court. Very excited to head to that for the second straight year especially considering the jump most players take from their freshman to sophomore year.

BY CLICKING ON THIS BOLD AND HYPERLINKED TEXT you can follow me on the twitter for a live tweeting of Thursday’s events. I encourage you to suggest some dynamite questions for me to sprinkle in between getting feedback from Andy Enfield on my healthcare start up.

2 thoughts on “I got posts in other places: Buff’s, Pac-12, Media Day

  1. Thanks for the shout out. Hope you had a good birthday. Loved the red blue game column. How many programs drew a capacity crowd for opening-night, to watch a practice?

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