Pac-12 Basketball Media Day: What I’m Doing

At posting of this here…post… I’m on a BART train that didn’t go on strike, exiting the Powell Street station, declining to yield my change, and walking to the Pac-12 Networks’ studios to watch men talk about themselves. In some circles, this is a Thursday.

For me this is my second Pac-12 Basketball Media day. #Pac12hoops is the searchable label for the quick stuff on the Twitter; here is where you can stream the whole thing starting at 10am PT; this is the site (Rush the Court) where some of my tales will be housed; these are my objectives in attending:

1) Absorb the 9am officiating session starring Bobby Dibler with a specific ear for vacation destinations, the line between professionalism and comedy, whether Jordan Adams had his hand on the basketball Mark Lyons was dribbling, and what this whole MWC-Pac officiating conglomerate is all about. Basically: What’s a charge?

2) I want to see what this Los Angeles collegiate scene is shaping up to become. Between O’Neill and Howland we didn’t really hear much between the two rivals. With two new sheriffs in town, this:

and other spice. I want to see exactly what his bravado is about. Is it bravado? Is Alford’s relative silence the coy disinterest of savvy vet or a man overmatched by his title? Some of this can only be perceived; others bits will hopefully be swagged about for all to see. It’s LA after all.

3) I’m going to get to know Dwight Powell. Pick his brain a little about Canadian prep basketball and what it’s like to be a senior. What’s that mean to him? I sincerely want to know if there was any material he would not run through when Ray Lewis implored him to get pissed off for greatness. Is he pissed off for greatness? What time is coach Madsen’s dance class? I’m not a big predictions guy, but what goals has Dwight set for himself? I’m going to let him know that my cousin shares his name.

4) I’m not going to ask Craig Robinson one question about the President.

5) By day’s end I will know whether or not Nick Johnson prefers Nico’s, Los Betos, or Beyond Bread. Also what he thinks of his newest backcourt-mate, TJ McConnell. Are the Aaron Craft comparisons valid? Nick’s guarded them both. Are comparisons even worthwhile? Is Aaron Gordon really a better dunker than you?

6) I’ll laugh or appreciate your great questions when you tweet them @pac12networks because:

Which translates to: It will be read on a microphone. Which further translates to fame and fortune. Try it.

7) Sean Miller and Andy Enfield grew up 200 miles apart. I’m going to ask if they knew each other.

8) Three. Twelve. Twenty-four. These are the amounts of seconds that the Hustlin’ Herbivores of Tempe now have to get across mid-court, take a shot, and  get a shot off before a turnover (shot clock), respectively. Practice makes perfect, so how have they been practicing? Stats would suggest that Marshall will fit nicely with Jahii getting in to the lane (shooter with just 15% of his shots at the rim), have they?

9) Observe the seniors. Their mannerisms and responses. I want to see how they handle this literal stage and how that might translate to the court-stage. After all, the senior is my favorite kind of athlete. Taking to the field of competition on their swan song just looking for hats and t-shirts. How will CJ Wilcox, Dwight Powell, JT Terrell, Roberto Nelson, Justin Cobbs, and Johnathan Loyd look up there? Bestowed upon each of them is a coach’s trust and a team’s identity. Who are they going to be?

10) Enjoy myself. Because, hokey pokey, that’s what it’s all about.

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