College Basketball Season Starts Today

The ball is tipped and here we are.

Such are the words Luther Vandross will serenade on CBS in five short months. But before that, before there’s a basketball game inside a football stadium and Jim Nantz puns and the TBS guys speak college and Martha from accounting kicking the shit out of your bracket and nnnnnnnnapa know how and three hour lunches at Hooters on a Thursday and glass slippers and schools you’ve never heard of and schools you have heard of and Kansas losing early and March, there are games.

There are games and they start today from Tucson to Pyeongtaek and they’ll continue right on up to the aforementioned. Are you excited yet? I most certainly am. This should be the best Pac-12 we’ve seen since 2009 when six of ten were invited. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – though I think we see seven tiny dancers this season – as there remains all those damn games to be played.

And let’s watch them.

We can watch them together or apart. We can converse via twitter or not at all. Follow some of these people and tell them they’re right, wrong, or otherwise. Just don’t be a dick.

It’s sports.

It is November.

It’s college basketball.

The season begins now.


3 thoughts on “College Basketball Season Starts Today

  1. I am beside myself. Now is that fun (almost) two months, when it is all for one and one for all, Pac-12 style…When we curse the Bruins for losing to Cal Poly, or the Beavers for losing to (fill in generic 300+ ranked team), when we pretend not to resent Cat and Duck hype, while hoping our (underrated?) teams don’t stumble out of the gate and prove our silent hope/confidence misguided. This feeling will last until roughly Jan. 1, and will not resume again until we are all Leaving Las Vegas. So, to all of you, for now,

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