A Friday Runaround the Pac: Adam Edition

This weekend will provide me a second opportunity to watch Arizona with my own face and my own friends. This time it will be inside Cal’s Haas Pavilion which should make for a rowdy Saturday night. Subsequently, my recommendation is twofold: 1) Go to your favorite team’s away game. This weekend. 2) Read the following items I created for other internet sites. The former is a strong suggestion. The latter is neurotic.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t fault me for some overlap in Pac-12 thought:

  • The times they are a’changin – Inside The Keg, things don’t seem too hoppy and it’s my impression that something needs to change. The something, in my estimation, is a slower pace and a dedicated effort to getting the rock into the hands of half-court-effective, Josh Scott. Tad Boyle, however, says he’s “sticking to the script.”
  • Marching to Vegas: On Utah, Colorado and a Forced Rivalry – So I went further into Saturday’s Utah-Colorado game because it’s a really interesting one. CU needs it. Utah needs it.
  • More and everything about Arizona on the Zach E. Clark Show – I dropped a line to Tucson so ZC and I could pick through Arizona’s win at Stanford, talk about Aaron Gordon’s ability to be effective in the face of 5-22 shooting, and preview the Cats’ trip to Tucson. Also, I make a Superbowl pick.

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