WANE: Our First Expert!

From the get-go we’ve asked for patience as we work through not only a rough patch in Pac-12 hoops, but our lack of tech savvy. In this week’s WANE the ineptitude on the production side isn’t all that apparent but if you were a part of the mess, you’d understand. Listen for yourselves, however, because we did have our first guest – ever – on, and most certainly is an expert.

Ryan Gorcey – the editor of BearTerritory.net – joined Spencer and I to talk about the Cal Bears; a balanced team that’s endured a few different injury bouts and who jumped to a 5-0 conference record. They toe-stubbed in LA (which Ryan tells us about) and will host the desert duo this weekend in Berkeley.


We greatly appreciate Ryan joining us and are bummed we won’t be taking in Saturday’s Cal-Arizona game in his company (the people demand recruiting!).

The Table:

1:23 – Adam interupts to admit he can’t say “technologically”

1:40 – THE BIG REVEAL! Who WANE’s first guest is

2:22 – Spencer uses the term “beneath dead”, and then pics out his favorite “beneath dead” google image result to illustrate his words.


4:18 – A discussion of the Sun Devils? A discussion of the Sun Devils.

5:30 – “Terror Alert Cardinal and Navy” means drop everything, evacuate your current whereabouts and head towards the closest cats team.

5:50 – Zack Clark show referenced…!

6:35BearTerritory.net referenced

7:00 – Spencer says, “damn it’s tasty!” with regards to the UCLA @ Oregon game. And then we talk about it for awhile. GotW and Something to Prove.

9:45 –  Adam starts a transition into Utah @ Colorado but we get disrupted by narcism and talk about ourselves and how WANE is more important than Gameday in Boulder. We eventually get to discussing the Utah and Colorado basketball game by 10:46.

11:00 – Spencer’s argument indicates he thinks Utah is squarely on the bubble. We are not experts.
12:10 – Here is visual proof that you can scheduling cupcake time without necessarily eating them.

13:49 – Adam drops off and screws up BEARTERRITORY.NET. For shame.

14:41 – RYAN! RYAN! RYAN! RYAN! RYAN! RYAN! RYAN! RYAN! RYAN! RYAN! Twitter follow: @RGBearTerritory

14:47 – Ryan on what happened to Cal in getting swept out of Los Angeles. And how it’s all a big wear-and-tear on Justin Cobbs. Also how Richard Solomon never really got things going against the Wears. Yes, those guys.

17:16 – A Monty team not playing defense? Ryan agrees with Spencer’s observations that hard defense didn’t travel to LA. Also that Jabari Bird is getting his legs back, the Bears are a little thin and that takes a toll on tough D. And rolling pups out there to guard isn’t the most reliable.

19:53 – If you haven’t heard of Jahii Carson, you should. Cobbs will guard that shifty scorer.

21:55 – Spencer asks about Corey Matthews’ (doh, Jordan Matthews) rise, which Gorcey quickly points out is silly as Boy Meets World stopped airing in 2000, further asserting Gorcey as an expert. In everything.

24:32 – Cats talk ensues!

26:28 – Local boy, Spencer, pumps his original court, Haas. Ryan kind of poopoos it. But Haas will be loud Saturday.

28:04 – The on-going prospects of Cal’s season and some end-o-year thoughts from Ryan.

29:20 – Touché, Mike Montgomery
31:20 – What does Cal need to do down the stretch to fell comfortable on Selection Sunday?
Thanks, Ryan!




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