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THREE FOR BART: Sophs, Rondae, Oregon

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at:

  1. Deonte Burton, Kennedy Meeks lead Breakout Sophomore Formula candidates – Dive into this study (the link) and you’ll find that our own Pac-12 conference gets a shout out. Que Johnson, the Cougar, seems poised for big things as a sophomore based on his limited role with alpha output last season. Additionally, Wynn doesn’t really note that he’ll now be playing in a higher octane offense for Coach Ernie. Look for a study on Pac-12 Freshmen-to-Sophomores in the coming weeks.
  2. Column: To Start, or not to start, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson – Start. You start RJH because he’s likely to fulfill the first four letters of that word, S-T-A-R. It’s not a question but I appreciate the effort and the statistical try at quantifying it. The DW isn’t wrong in noting he was more productive off the bench. But that was a different team. Now, 2014-15, isn’t so much about replacing Aaron Gordon and Nick Johnson so much as developing a new identity.
  3. University of Oregon responds to KATU story in letter to alumni – Maybe I’m an idealist, someone who doesn’t think a given action is rooted in pure evil, but I choose to believe Oregon didn’t overtly delay the expulsion of Dotson, Artis, and Austin for APR purposes. But maybe they did. The key point here is I think it’s a great question for KATU to ask because things lined up as such. The school has responded.

THREE FOR BART: Cal, Preview, Trojans

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at:

  1. Sources: Kentucky Coach John Calipari finalizing unprecedented scouting combine for NBA personnel – And they can’t even interact with the players. It’s a strange concept from that angle but a terrific concept from a career development stand point. There are football pro days. Why not hoops pro days? I don’t know if this concept is scalable – do pro scouts (anyone?) want to see this roster? – but Cal is always pushing the limits. It’s a good thing.
  2. College basketball preview 14-15: Pacific 12 – Officially it is the Pac-12 but who’s counting? Oh wait, Dan Hanner is and will be all season long. Get on board with RealGM because it’s only going to make you a smarter fan. And repeat after me, “scoring margin.”
  3. Well That Sh*t Was Fun – Let me forewarn you, Stanford fans and anyone else that hates USC football, you’re not going to want to click that link. But Zack doesn’t care. He does care about his Trojans and the garnered a big win this weekend. This is his recount.

THREE FOR BART: Duck, Math, Typecasting

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at:

  1. A Day with the Duck: Oregon’s Mascot and the Silent King of Eugene – If nothing else, just read the final paragraph of this thing. Additionally, it was brought to my attention that the Duck is no longer called Puddles. I’ve been in the dark on this awhile.
  2. Here’s the proof that math is hot these days – As if I needed to provide external support of this theory. But in all seriousness, math is huge. The numbers don’t lie and if you’re not into it, well I’ll probably still have a lot of anecdotal content for you to consume. But I’m still going to rely on the numbers. Unless it’s March.
  3. A New Season of Typecasting for NFL Quarterbacks – Sure this focuses on quarterbacks, the most scrutinized position in sports, but I think the gist of the conversation expands far beyond and as college basketball fans I think the parallel is in the evaluation of coaches. Most recently we discussed whether Craig Robinson should keep his job. But it’s also about the legacy of such names as Bill Self (just one title!??) and/or who is elite (that word…). When is it time for a given coach to go? Shaka Smart? Bill Stevens? Johnny Dawkins? #IsItNovemberYet

THREE FOR BART: Schollies, BS, Data

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at:

  1. From Prosperity to Chaos: James Grisom leaves Cal football after losing scholarship and facing unexpected financial troubles – A cautionary tale of the unguaranteed nature of scholarships. In an off-season full of letters championing the  Student-Athlete, Grisom’s story certainly doesn’t seem to align with the proposed principles.
  2. The Fine Art of Bullshit – For me this weekend, it was an outrageous assertion that Lance Armstrong’s doping cover ups had somehow led to Floyd Landis’ suicide. Floyd Landis did not kill himself and Google immediately dispelled that rumor. How do you smartphone?
  3. Online Dating Stats Reveal A ‘Dataclycsm’ Of Telling Trends – As they say, “The more you know…” But similarly, just because you have a lot of data (hi, hoop-math!), it doesn’t always mean much. Which is why I’m further fascinated in the emerging importance of data visualization. Maybe it’s not “emerging” but certainly as we collect more of all this data, there’s a need to both interpret the data (easier said than done) and then to explain the data (sometimes near impossible). In a basketball sense, the data we review helps us understand our own favorite teams and their opponents. This data has helped me to recognize parts of the game I hadn’t previously seen. It’s supplemented the experience. In an online dating sense, I’d love to poke (swipe?) through Tinder’s data. I bet we could find some hilarious trends.

THREE FOR BART: Beavers, Stats, NFL

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at:

  1. Oregon State won’t be a Pac-12 doormat much longer – In the interest of full disclosure, this is a softer piece. It’s not very hard hitting but it does provide some jaw dropping insights. For example: OSU has secured just two top-100 Rivals recruits in the last twelve years. That’s Kentucky’s team management staff (they’re effing great at laundry).  Nevertheless, the title evokes the thought as we head into the Tinkle Tenure which I will regularly and consistently grade against the Ernie Administration in Pullman. No one is soon to call the Beavers a sleeping giant, but Tinkle is on to something. How many kids does he have?
  2. Introducing the College Basketball Game Finder – Ever been curious about how many free throw attempts Arizona has taken against UCLA in neutral court games played in March? Now you can find that out. Ever had the itch to know what Oregon has shot from distance in NCAA tournament games? Scratch it! I’m going to use this resource to inundate you all season long with “the last time…” or “when [insert team] plays home games in February they average [insert stat here]…” qualifiers all the PacHoops season long.
  3. People vs. the NFL – We’re fans. Blindly and contently and anxiously and angrily and joyously we are fans. But above all else, we’re humans and need to be humans. Matt Ufford says it.

THREE FOR BART: Debut, Seattle, UberX, and Fandom

I take Bay Area Rapid Transit to work. Daily. It’s the screaming, clothed monster that moves passengers to and from Milbrae/SFO through the City then trifurcates into the East Bay. I get on at 16th and off at San Bruno. I have eight stops to read things on my phone – six if having cell service is required.

And so I fill my inbox with emails to myself with a subject line of “read” and a link to an article. These articles are collected throughout the day. Sent to me by many sources and discovered in many mediums. I crush these articles during said commute. I’m a slow reader but I can usually get about three articles read in a day while on the train – round trip.

Thus the genesis of “THREE FOR BART.” This is PacHoops’ latest – if not first – franchise in which I drop three thought provoking and (very) loosely Pac-12 basketball associated articles on you for our daily reading pleasure. I use “daily” hesitantly because I’m a dude and the profile says I’m supposed to fear commitment. But I’m going to try. This is for us, however you commute or whenever you can read.

Send me any good stuff that you come across please. Submit it all: blogs, Forbes, NYT, NPR, local, international, video, photo, tweet. It’s all fair game: pachoops25 at gmail dot com or @pachoopsab.

I want to connect us to intelligent stuff.

Maybe we’re not the best fans in the nation, but we can certainly  be the smartest and most well informed fans, leaving the tree poisoning, car burning, and player provocation for elsewhere (but if you happen to be a bag man, I’d love to hear your stories off of any semblance of a record).

Without further adieu, our first Three For BART:
(Note that I’ve been sitting on this concept awhile so the article won’t always be timely but always relevant. Or at least I’ll demonstrate the relevance. Or you’ll tell me otherwise. It’s gonna be great):

  1. Jamal Crawford Is Trying to Keep Seattle’s Basketball Dreams Alive – This dropped over a month ago on Grantland but it’s stuck with me as a grassroots effort to get basketball thriving once again in Seattle. Have you noticed Washington lately? Me either. And when you did notice them they were plucking up talent from their backyard. No longer. But with the efforts of Crawford and other influential Seattlites (Steve Ballmer?) there’s a budding resurgence. And suddenly LoRo has three top-100 2015 commitments.
  2. A Financial Model Comparing Car Ownership with UberX (Los Angeles) – As the pretense of this franchise is commuting, I felt this would be a worthy inclusion. Kyle Hill (author) studies whether or not UberX can be cheaper than car ownership. He’s trying this in Los Angeles which I find interesting because the West Coast boasts it’s wide open planes and space. It was built out not up. Is commuting everyday by bike always feasible? Can UberX be your daily? I dropped my car and while I’m not financially savvy enough to account for the cost differentials, I’m fairly certain I pay less (and drink more). Furthermore, outside the box thinking is always welcome on PacHoops which is why I’ll forever be agitated and impressed with Tony Bennett’s Washington State tenure. He flipped the run-n-gun model of Pac-12 basketball and won. The Taxi companies, however, are far more than agitated by peer-to-peer. And certainly not impressed.
  3. Croke Park Lights up as sport and theatre collide – This is an Irish sportswriter’s account of Saturday’s Central Florida-Penn State tilt in Dublin. It is beautifully written in a unique voice that most certainly waxes poetic about American Football. You’ll love it because you love sports and he romanticizes the theater of sport. You’re a fan of that, right (COUGH oneshiningmoment COUGH)?