THREE FOR BART: Beavers, Stats, NFL

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at:

  1. Oregon State won’t be a Pac-12 doormat much longer – In the interest of full disclosure, this is a softer piece. It’s not very hard hitting but it does provide some jaw dropping insights. For example: OSU has secured just two top-100 Rivals recruits in the last twelve years. That’s Kentucky’s team management staff (they’re effing great at laundry).  Nevertheless, the title evokes the thought as we head into the Tinkle Tenure which I will regularly and consistently grade against the Ernie Administration in Pullman. No one is soon to call the Beavers a sleeping giant, but Tinkle is on to something. How many kids does he have?
  2. Introducing the College Basketball Game Finder – Ever been curious about how many free throw attempts Arizona has taken against UCLA in neutral court games played in March? Now you can find that out. Ever had the itch to know what Oregon has shot from distance in NCAA tournament games? Scratch it! I’m going to use this resource to inundate you all season long with “the last time…” or “when [insert team] plays home games in February they average [insert stat here]…” qualifiers all the PacHoops season long.
  3. People vs. the NFL – We’re fans. Blindly and contently and anxiously and angrily and joyously we are fans. But above all else, we’re humans and need to be humans. Matt Ufford says it.

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