THREE FOR BART: K, Efficiency, Captain

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at:

    1. Krzyzewski responds to Team USA criticism – K SHOTS! I didn’t fully understand the K attacks in the initial article because 1) things didn’t really seem to be directed at him so much as at his empire, 2) USA basketball isn’t really all that interesting unless there’s Gold involved. FIBA doesn’t hold a candle to those NBC broadcasts. Anyhow, the takeaway here is success begets success. I want to play and work with winners. So do you. After all, that’s why you read PacHoops.
    2. More than one way to skin the efficiency catMy favorite take away was that we remain open to the conversation. I was long averse to advanced stats because the dialogue surrounding them was absolute, limiting to the conversation. Understanding the game beyond the box score has been a great asset to my fandom but it doesn’t make me or better, worse, or otherwise fan. It just helps me understand the game on a different level. It allows me to recognize the process of how my team wins or your team loses.
    3. It’s my hope that you’re as cool as The Captain this weekend –

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