THREE FOR BART: Pressure, Greatness, Mary

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at:

  1. The Paradox of Why Top Performers Fail Under Pressure – And this is exactly why I think, amongst all of the last second or end-of-game scenarios, the toughest one to accomplish is a putt. You’re hovered over the ball with a silent audience and nothing but your own thoughts. I can react to a fastball. I can run a route. I can cross a dribble over and take a shot I’ve taken thousands of times at game speed. I can handle a defense. But to deal with myself? As you might surmise, I’m not a very good golfer.
  2. This is Katie F—ing Ledecky: A Thesis About Kicking Ass – And this is exactly why I want LeBron to win everything and Tiger to be great a few more times and Roger to get at least another slam. Because I love greatness. Maybe it’s because we all want what we can’t have but when I’m on a patio with a grandchild on my lap I want to tell him or her about when I watched Michael Phelps, the greatest olympian that ever lived. I want to see all of the all time greats. Here’s to you, Katie.
  3. Wildcat unbeaten thanks to unlikely victory – And this is exactly why we love sports. Maybe you’re a Cal Bear. I’m a Wildcat. But we keep watching because it happens. Sometimes. Not always but those moments of inexplicable magic in the face of certain doom allows us to keep coming back. Pure and beautiful sports.

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