October is really close to November: We’re back

Watch and digest:

Another hint?

Michael-Jordan-Im-Back-faxWhat I’m getting at is they practiced this weekend. Officially. It’s not November yet but the weather is turning – for hotter in the Bay – and the leaves are changing in places I don’t live. Fall probably marks the time but this month ends in -BER which is a lot closer to a month that starts with NOVEM- .

I’m back.

We’re back.

It isn’t November yet but we can sense it. Or we better. We’ve got work to do. Quick, who’s Chris Reyes? Yeah, I didn’t know either. We’ve got work to do. More quick hitters:

Oregon State’s leading returning scorer?
Was Herb Sendek’s contract extended? Johnny D?
Returning minutes on Oregon’s roster?
Was Stanley Johnson compared to LeBron, Melo, or both in a DraftExpress report?
Who is UCLA’s starting point guard’s dad?
What is a Cuonzo?

We’ve got 39 days to get learned and it starts today, here at least. Other publications have been less busy without having full time jobs and friends that get you free tickets to things. I tried dating and won a bachelor party. It was the off season.

39 days. The agenda:

  • Previews in a loose order of worst-to-first
  • Minimal lists, but still some lists because it is the internet
  • Posts from random inspiration by a stat or story – SHARE!
  • Media Day
  • More voices: Spencer, Ezra, Sarah, Jason (current leader in Twitter clicks off the site), James, Luc and every time we talk about this stuff, you’re contributing to the story
  • WANE
  • Video experimentation – it sounds weird, I know, but we’re going to get something good going


NOTE: Here are the answers to the quick hitters

  1. Langston Morris-Walker, 4.0 ppg
  2. Yes. Yes.
  3. 25%
  4. Both.
  5. Steve Alford
  6. Coach petitioned out of Tennessee. One man’s trash, another’s treasure.


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