THREE FOR BART: Choices, Rings, Cats

  1. Everyone’s made bad choices, Michigan – I could list some of my own (studied for finals that wouldn’t happen for 6-weeks rather than accept the Padres’ owners’ tickets; thinking I could navigate Jerusalem alone; egging my own family’s house; trying to celebrate the Giants’ 2010 WS in the shadiest part of The Mission; Freshman Tennis; the events of a 2012 now defunct company holiday party; the time I almost lived in Stockton; using the full 2.5 hour footage of my Bar Mitzvah as a pickup line;  the pastrami sandwich I had prior to Jimmer’s 49-points inside the McKale Center) but you don’t want to read that.
  2. Miguel Cabrera: ‘I just want the ring’ – First of all, I must begin with “that’s what she said.” But seriously, this is what we like to pretend all of our favorite athletes are playing for. Nevermind his bazillion dollar contract, Miggy wants ice he’s earned. G’luck big man. Furthermore, playoff bonuses are dolled out proportionately across the entire place. Clubhouse guys get some money. Guys like this. The ring means something to Migs, the money means something to someone else.
  3. Three Things to Know After Oregon’s Shocking (Yet Not at All Shocking) Upset Loss to ArizonaYup.

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