THREE FOR BART: Commish, Tiffani, Tempo

  1. The Commissioner – I read spots like this and it’s hard not to think we missed out on the ‘good old days’ or something so beyond cool I can’t reconcile doing anything in the current age. Where’s my curbside Midnight In Paris pickup? I want to rub elbows with Larry Bird and crush the loosely illegal bottle of Rose. I’d love to challenge Don Nelson to one-on-one. I instead settle for giddy one-on-ones with Nick Johnson. And sportswriters are such a romantic lot. Listen to the way Ryan’s contemporaries talk about him. But we only get to be revisionist because we’re also contemporary. Today is pretty terrific, too. I do get one-on-ones with Nick Johnson after I started a blog. This blog. In some regard, Bob Ryan helped build that.
  2. Washington hires woman to lead men’s basketball operations – While we’re somewhat, loosely, on the subject of progress, how about this move by LoRo and company? Tiffani Walker is joining the Washington staff and that’s an exciting development. From scheduling and other logistics, Walker will be in the thick of a major college basketball program. It seems unconfirmed whether she’s the highest ranking female within a major college program. She will be the only female on staff in the Pac-12 and the first ever female to join UW’s staff. Congratulations and best of luck.
  3. ASU Basketball: Jahii Carson may be gone, but tempo will still be emphasized – Did you guys spend any of your weekend curious about whether or not Herb Sendek was going to try and push the pace again? I kinda did and then Connor helped lead me to the answer. I don’t necessarily agree with the move – tempo I’m discovering in a project I’m working on is one of the first things to change before a coach gets fired. And Herb’s quotes seem less than confident (Let’s do it!). Nevertheless, here’s the plan.

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