THREE FOR BART: Friends, Jaeger, UX

  1. The Limits of Friendship – This is well worth the read and you should note that your intimate circles are generally limited to five, the same number that starts a basketball game. Interesting coincidence? Figure it for yourself. Also, I need to just quote one line from this article because it’s too good not to be highlighted. With regards to the affects of a generation being raised with increased virtual interactions and decreased face-to-face, this:

    “This is the big imponderable”

  2. Red Bull settles lawsuit, owes consumer cash – Ever had a Jaeger Bomb? I know you have you sandbagginsonofabitch. So go get yourself $10 back.
  3. How Bad UX Killed Jenny – The title certainly grabs you. But think about the user experience you have with so many of the different technologies you interact with. From the seamlessness of sliding ‘on’ your phone to you push-start car, UX has spent so much time living in the consumer space. I recently learned the term “consumer-grade.” And so maybe you don’t work in healthcare, but at some point, in the behind the scenes areas where business and decisions often get done or made, the UX there has been ignored. Often times this components are functional, robust, and all-encompassing, but they ain’t easy. There’s opportunity for improvement (sound anything like your performance review?). I’ve even kicked around the idea of starting data sites that simply have better UX and data visualization. We have any data miners out there? How about UX designers? If so, get at me. Let’s talk.

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