THREE FOR BART: 11/14, Conjecture, Etiquette (& bonus!)

  1. Pac-12 Networks announces talent assignments for “Full Court Friday” November 14 – This means that everything is getting real. Or at least a whole lot real-er. The talent we want to see was announced a long time ago (schedule release if you need a reminder of what I’m referencing) but just in case you got lost amidst college football voting shows, Madison Bumgarner hyperbole, or my birthday, the season starts next Friday. Your team will bounce a ball and it’s going to count against (or for) their record.
  2. Gregg Doyel on Tom Crean: It’s Not Personal – It seems it is because Doyel is new to the Indy Star and has already inked a few ‘Creans gotta go‘ articles. If you haven’t followed the IU incidents outside of their on court success (or otherwise), there have been a number of underage alcohol related events including one drunk teammate hitting another drunk teammate with a car. Doyel called it an epidemic. This relates to Pac-12 basketball. What if Doyel’s right and Crean is gone? He gets fired and then, let’s just say, UCLA has a solid season. They make the tournament and maybe even the second weekend. That’d be great for Westwood. But now Steve Alford’s alma mater has a vacancy and Alford has some high major success under his belt. Just some food for November thought.
  3. Why the etiquette of college basketball hiring and firing has changed – I thought this would be great placement for this piece considering the above blurb on complete and irresponsible speculation. It’s a storyline? Whatever the case, Nicole Auerbach outlines how and why coaching hunts have changed from a courtesy call to an Athletic Director to tracking speculative flights. I’ve heard stories about body doubles. But it also raises the question of how do you discuss big news? Is it through traditional communication means? The way we interact with one another is evolving and so too are the acceptable means to convey varying messages varying in significance. Tweet me your thoughts and I’ll facebook message ya back.
  4. Zach Clark and I discuss Arizona Hoops – Let’s start a campaign to get ESPN Tucson onto streaming. I dunno how we start this. Do we start a petition? Storm the studios? Let’s not get carried away but maybe the people demand PacHoops?

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