THREE FOR BART: Askia, Interstellar, Galen

  1. As Ski Goes – Last season I wrote four different defenses of Askia Booker and what he means to the Colorado Buffaloes. I suppose it goes without saying that I’m a fan. Most certainly a proponent. My friend and yours, Will Whelan, does a great job here of telling more of that same story. Booker is beyond integral to this program and most certainly in a season like this where there are so many questions to be answered. Booker is going to be a big part of those answers.
  2. Should You See it? A Curious Consumer’s Decision-Making Guide to ‘Interstellar’ It was described to me as a combination of Inception and Gravity. I’m going to see it tonight. Also, is “Should You See It?” a regular piece on Grantland?
  3. USC Men’s Basketball: Young and Hungry – I don’t think we’re going to hear a ton about the USC team this season. I foresee them making fireworks once or twice but they’ll likely be deep into the latter half of the conference standings. All of that said, I really liked this preview from Neon Tommy and wanted everyone to familiarize with the Galen Dunk Center. Plus, it’s Monday morning and do you really need a heavy piece right now?

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