THREE FOR BART: Rumblin, Vitale, #Pac12AfterDark

  1. My Massive Basketball Preview 2014-15: Keeping it Real – If you’re not familiar with @rumblinbuffalo, familiarize. Ben is a friend and a helluva sports guy. He’s a Buffalo and rambles on his team from time to time and when he does it’s insightful, bright and funny. You’ll know that when you read his Massive preview. That’s some in depth CU coverage. You might even say Ben’s keeping it real.
  2. Never Forget What Matters Most – This is rife with everything you might no like about Dick Vitale. After all, it’s written by him – Americans, Dick, are still being held hostage in the Middle East. But the fact of the matter is the man is a wonderful ambassador. His views are uniquely his own and I can’t begrudge a man with a platform to call it like he seems ’em. He’s an emotional guy. I’m about to post an emotional piece. And ultimately I think Dickie V gets it. Whatever it is. We jive. We don’t agree, but I appreciate the man. And he’s right: Never forget what matters most.
  3. #Pac12AfterDark is amazing theater – You’re damn right. And this is just a football article. We’re about to have Full Court Friday in which the Pac-12 Networks will broadcast something like all of the games, on all of the networks, in a none of the time. Hoops overwhelm (in reality it’s 10 games in 6 hours, nice!). I’m going to live tweet it! Anyhow, fresh off an east coast trip, I fully understand how late these games run on that side of America. But if any of you right coasters are reading, it’s worth the red eye.

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