THREE FOR BART: Close, Rock, Titus

  1. Coming close just isn’t good enough in college football It isn’t good enough in anything. Read through those tales of thiscloses and tell me that some agonizing realizations don’t come to mind? I can think a certain missed field goal or another shot that was never taken or a baseball that was stopped by but a single toe (ask me about it). Anyhow, we’re always so close and we just come back because someday – and I promise you that someday – it’s gonna happen.
  2. In Conversation with Chris Rock – I always find interviews with comedians to be fascinating. They see the world through such a different lens that whether you agree with them or not, there’s always a very unique perspective. Further, on what’s wrecking comedy, I recently went to New York’s Comedy Cellar; a place Rock discusses extensively. It’s a great place but since I’d last been there (about 5 years ago) the tone had grown in severity. The doormen and wait staff were less patient with the patrons. I don’t need coddling, I’m there for laughs, but if the comedians’ craft is being compromised by small devices with the power to crush material, I get it. No one of Rock’s notoriety appeared while we were there but the comedians were certainly pushing the boundary of appropriate (it was hilarious). Tightening what the patrons can get away with allows them to do that. To get better.
  3. Titus’ Top 12 NCAA Power Rankings: Guess Who’s Number 1 – Always an entertaining read and it was nice to familiarize with Gonzaga. Read this just to watch the GIF of Kyle Wiltjer celebrating the 2012 Kentucky title.

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