WANE: Antiheroes and the Second Season

It’s raw. It’s perhaps not technically sound. But what would it be if not unexpert. WANE: Technical Difficulties is back. Spencer and I get back on the podwagon a week deep into 2015 (there’s New Year’s talk) and a week deep into conference play (SPORTS!). We begin season two.

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The Table:

0:45– Adam explains New Years while Spencer scrapes his fork against the bowl containing his dinner, foolishly assuming nobody will hear it.

2:45– Toughest conference road trip in 2014-15?

3:50– Shameless twitter self-promotion: Adam Butler (@pachoopsab) / Spencer Smith (@spencerbsmith)

4:00 – We discuss what is going on in Westwood, the fork scrapes continue. Talk quickly goes to Utah.

6:00 – A very legitimate CBB national poll by Spencer

7:00 – Spencer, please stop eating.

7:30 – Where is Utah in comparison to Arizona?

9:30 – What kind of impact can we expect from the return of Jordan Loveridge?

12:15 – Spencer calls out Adam for extracurricular noise, is a complete hypocrite.

16:15 – Highly questionable supermarket analogy of the Pac-12 “amoeba”, we ride with it for the remainder of the discussion.

17:00 – Stealth Alert: Oregon Ducks

18:45 – To our listeners around the league, we are trying our best to spare you of homerisms.

20:15 – A quick English Premier League analogy to the tiers of the Pac.

23:00 – Pac-12 Anti-Heros!

23:50 – We don’t not like Jonathan Gilling

24:45 – Dictionary definition of an anti-hero, now we are actually talking anti-heroes

25:30 – We analyze the Rondae Hollis-Jefferson shimmy shake, and how it fits his anti-hero persona

26:50 – Spencer still eating.

28:40 – Anti-Hero or Villian? We discuss a few players around the Pac.

32:00 – Two wildcat fans ponder how fans around the league view TJ McConnell in this anti-hero / villain debate.

33:30 – Why we love sports

34:00 – Conclusion: TJ McConnel is not Robin Hood.

35:30 – SUBMIT YOUR ANTI-HERO NOMINEES in the comments!

36:30- Who has the most to gain this week?

3 thoughts on “WANE: Antiheroes and the Second Season

  1. Anti hero for Utah – Dakari Tucker. Doesn’t play how Coach K wants (Hard nosed def with no turnovers), yet is still very effective.

    1. Dakari Tucker will forever have a soft spot for his iso-play with foul drawn with seconds left against Wichita State. Stones.

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