WANE: Ignoring the CFP and not the Beavers

Episode 2 is a live broadcast which we explain in greater detail deeper into the pod. This week we naturally explore Oregon State’s monster win over Arizona and – perhaps unnaturally – ignore the college football championship for our Duck faithful. #BackThePac. Also, how ’bout that new header, eh?

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The Table:

1:08- Barely over a minute in a Spencer proves to be an non-expert

1:25- PacHoops Power Rankings:  #12  Arizona State
2:05-  Runner-up for team of the week: UCLA
4:00-  Context: we have referred to the parity group  in the Pac-12 this year (teams behind Utah and Arizona) as a “stale bread amoeba”.
6:30-  Correction, UCLA could be #3. Top two spots at this point are spoken for.
7:00-  #TakingCareOfBusinessAtHome
8:10-  Stanford Hot Water Burn Baby of the Pac-12? Adam avoids the question.
10:00 –  (Bread) crumby middle-amoeba
10:35 –  Bigger Pac-12 dumpster fire: Washington or Cal? Adam says Washington.
11:50 –  Is Washington the 11-0 team or the 0-4 team. Spencer says the 11-4 team.
12:25 –  iPhone messages now are sent to my computer, and that “binnnng” means someone was texting Spencer. Apologies.
14:15 –  On to our next dumpster fire: Cal
15:00 –  Ok, another text message. The content’s of which was a friend of Spencer’s suggesting Ezekiel Elliot is his doppelganger. Adam agrees.
18:45 – UConn coming to Palo Alto has us looking back at the best Pac-12 non-conference wins of the season.
20:10 – Spencer is officially a Reddit Top 25 voter! Ballot here.

21:10 – Texas is a hot mess.

22:05 – Here’s a formal reminder that Kansas has lost its two games by a combined 57 points. Everybody got time for that
22:45 – Basketball is not played on a field…….
24:25 –  Is there a better three headed monster than Stanford’s Randle-Brown- (Nastic/Allen)?
25:40 –  In case you missed sit, Stanford has a HUGE four game stretch coming up (@Cal, UConn, Arizona, ASU)
27:35 – Spencer is not a state nickname expert. #WANE
28:10 – Tinkle Time! No avoiding the a: name power and b: coaching prowess of Wayne Tinkle.
28:45 – Oregon State Athletic Department on solid foundation right now
29:40 – Make no mistake, Oregon State brought the D against Arizona.
31:10 – And the O – shooting a confirmed 65% (11 of 17) in the 2nd half. On top of 17 FT attempts. Yeeeouch!
32:20 – Make no mistake about it, with all the complaining we might do about Zues and Brandon Ashley this year, we know we’re spoiled.
33:00 – Rundown of the final minute of Oregon St. and Arizona. Why this isn’t last year’s Arizona team.
35:30 – Homer Hat OFF! Arizona has some fundamental flaws.
35:45 – FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS: Being an Arizona fan when they are this good can be less fun than when Sean was building it up.
37:30 – Verdict: This Arizona team is not going to be better offensively than last years, unfortunately.
38:00 – Spencer has some nonsensical gears to grind about the urgency of Rondae’s offense.
40:15 – We don’t see any way Colorado sneaks out a road victory at McKale.
40:35 – Gotta be the biggest basketball game ever aired on Pac-12 Networks right? Over-under 22 DirecTV subscribers who cancel this week because of the game? Adam takes the over.
41:30 – What have you done for me Lately Utah? A lot.
42:20 – Let’s talk about the trap game that is Tempe, Arizona.
44:00 – A complete overview of the week ahead.
45:00 – We aren’t crazy interested in the Oregon/Washington schools this week (the heart of the Stale Bread Amoeba), but ll be anxious to see if Tinkle and the Beavs can correct their road woes.

2 thoughts on “WANE: Ignoring the CFP and not the Beavers

    1. Thanks, Nick! And yes, that most definitely is K holding K’s head. I forget exactly when that was but it was before a big home game in SLC.

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