WANE: A Cats Road Loss and a Wane Road Trip

Big announcement from WANE this week in that we’re headed to a Pacific Northwest near you. As you can imagine, these sad homers dive quickly into a discussion of Arizona’s weekend neglecting (to begin) buzzer beaters in Haas, UCLA and Duck bubble talk, Adam as a ‘scout’ but get their wits about them to go on some exciting tangents. Good pod.

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The Table:

0:24 – Thanks to

1:04 – Big thanks to the Wreck Room for hosting a terrific McKale mode ball game and a deep conversation on cubbies.

1:54 – Straight into Cats: Adam the positive thinker + a tangent happy clams

2:44 – Results aside: How do you feel about Arizona?

3:33 – The recipe to beat Arizona and where credit is due

4:24 – A fun Bo Barnes fact

6:09 – Spence on officiating.

7:35 – Adam blew it

8:04 – And so begins a DEEP KENPOM DIVE

9:34 – Lingering concerns for the Cats? The bench?

11:05 – Adam makes some assumptions about when TJ McConnell left the game. Here’s confirmation that McConnell committed his second foul at 8:25!

13:57 – Spencer – and probably Wildcat nation on the heels of 81 points to ASU – misses Aaron Gordon

14:23 – Spencer says we’re done talking about Arizona and then we talk about the Cats for 45 seconds

15:08 – A major court storming conversation including Adam’s greatest court storming moment

22:11 – Per Spencer, Arizona’s Hill Mary sits really poorly with the Cal fan base, and Spencer says they can’t anymore

23:18 – UCLA is on Lunardi’s board of sorts. Rational? Don’t they have to beat Cal?

25:00 – The battle for third or fourth. Who’s in it?

26:17 – Spencer calls a profanity being verbose

26:46 – Is Oregon having a quietly good season? Plus thoughts on Joe Young.

28:22 – WHOA! Spencer asks if we can expect four Pac-12 bids. Brake pump?

29:06 – Single dudes talking about their future…in Seattle!

30:14 – A hilarious prep-sports admission from Spencer

30:40 – WANE headed to Seattle (this is the more immediate announcement of our attendance at The Duchess and/or The Ram)

33:20 – Kickstarter’s for future roadies?

34:07 – There is a tie atop the conference (Arizona-Utah) and Spencer promises a “helluva show” for that return trip

34:55 – Barre Method, Brazillian meathouses, and staring at women working out. And that’s a wrap.




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