WANE: Arizona at Utah & So Many Opportunities

Oregon perhaps took a little wind out of Utah’s sail and Larry K said that now is the time for less talk and more action. So Spencer and I talk about all of the Pac-12’s forthcoming action including Arizona’s trip to what should be a raucous Muss (but hopefully not inappropriately so). Perhaps it goes without saying that – one week from March – we delve into Bubble Watch and all of the OPPORTUNITY! for the Pac’s bubble squad of UCLA, Oregon, and Stanford.

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The Table:

0:00 – Standard Pod opening but Spencer gets the episode number right, Green Cards, and Oscars

1:50 – Bubble Watch + Team of the Week: Oregon Ducks (quickly turns into a discussion of Utah)

2:48 – Spencer thinks Pac-12 coaches are “grown ass men”

3:34 – Utah’s seeding and a declaration of favorite writers

5:15 – How could Utah potentially still win this conference (Arizona talk)?

6:17 – And we’re back to Oregon – What’s their win over Utah mean? A program conversation.

7:41 – Peripherally, Spencer equates Oregon to Villanova

8:39 – Stanford – their current trend and the difficult final four games they have

9:47 – OPPORTUNITY! Stanford’s got it!

10:40 – Magic sauce? The hell are you talking about Adam?

11:00 – Is Dana Altman the Coach of the Year?

11:30 – Spencer cites a list of COYs

12:14 – Adam with one smooth transition to the UCLA Bubble Watch section

14:11 – Spencer brings us back to UCLA after 2 minutes of ASU

14:51 – What’s UCLA’s “opportunity?” #TakingCareOfBusinessAtHome

16:30 – The first of two HOT SPORTS TAKES from Spencer (he crushes this one on 6 fouls per game)

18:13 – The second of Spencer’s HOT SPORTS TAKES (he crushes protected rivalry games)

FACT CHECK – Pac-12 Basketball championships since 1985: Arizona (13), UCLA (9), Stanford (3), Washington (2), Oregon State (1), Oregon (1) *includes co-champs

22:34 – How to best watch a basketball game you really want to see – a PSA from Spencer.

25:09 – Games to watch this week

25:31 – A sudden and very unauthoritative analogy of Pac-12 basketball to reality television (Bachelor vs. Survivor). Spencer, Tool Academy?

27:34 – Predictions? Predictions.



2 thoughts on “WANE: Arizona at Utah & So Many Opportunities

  1. The problem with the player foul limit isn’t that players need to be able to foul more but the bad calls need to be mitigated a bit in my opinion. I have seen more than one game this year where a player has had their minutes cut significantly because of fouls being called that on replay were CLEARLY not fouls.

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