WANE: Getcha Dancin’ Shoes On & Vegas

It will be four dancing Pac-12 teams so it seems Vegas didn’t break us – it only made us stronger. Does that add up? Didn’t feel like it but Spencer and I review the tournament, certain details stay in Vegas because, and we dive pretty deep into the NCAA tournament field.
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The Table:
0:05 – Can you tell we’ve returned from Vegas?
0:40 – Spencer still too useless to take Adam’s bait
1:15 – We exchange our favorite moment of the conference tournament
5:20 – Two non-credited Spencerisms in this PacHoop’s weekend recap.
7:00 – We begin Tournament discussions with the Pac’s biggest tournament surprise: UCLA
8:15 – Seriously, we want to see the committee do a panel after the bracket is released.
12:20 – Next team up, Oregon! A couple of Disney-like reasons why we like the Ducks to win a game.
13:15 – Spencer is surprised to see the love nationally for the ducks
14:15 – KenPom, Luck, and why it applies to Oregon and serves as a perfect transition into Utah
18:30 – Utah has an interesting pod. Spencer thinks their first game will be harder than their second.
19:20 – Utah has a “pretty good starter kit for a second weekend team”
20:00 – Adam with his concerns about Utah’s struggles in close games.
22:35 – GUTS!
24:30 – On to Arizona, and our pleasant surprise in just how high everyone outside the west is on the Wildcats.
27:00 – Bias or not, Arizona fans have never been more sold on the Cats entering the big dance.
28:00 – Big difference maker or Adam: Brandon Ashley. Spencer acknowledges that York and Zeus are playing much better than this time last season.
30:00 – Arizona’s path to the Final Four is full of Sean Miller’s ghosts.
33:05 – Is there a more hyped potential pre-final four matchup than Wisconsin/Arizona?
34:45 – Will a Cats final Four run definitely go through Wisconsin? More than likely.

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