Podcast of Champions. Is this Pac-12 Overrated?

Sure it’s a loaded question and yes it will ultimately be judged by the number of bids and then the subsequent tournament success of those bids. That’s well and good. Tried and true. But right now – in mid-February – what direction does the Pac-12 seem to be heading? One metric says this, another that, and Spencer and I were curious if the Pac’s overrated (as some writers have suggested).

Give it a listen (and a subscription):

One thought on “Podcast of Champions. Is this Pac-12 Overrated?

  1. To look at March success I have always heard look at how teams lost in the regular season. It doesn’t matter who they beat or loss to it matters how they lost. Arizona again has been right in every game. Oregon has lost games by 11,13, and 20. Utah has lost 5 games by double digits and a few real big blowouts. USC has 3 double digit losses. Cal has been within 2 or 3 possessions in their losses except the really bad loss to San Diego St. I like Arizona to go the deepest in March. I’m not buying Oregon. I think RPI is a meaningless stat and people put too much into. Oregon’s team 3-point shooting percentage and lack of strength down low worry me about March.

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