Podcast of Participants. The Pac-12 stunk

If you’ve followed this podcast you know that – or at least I think that – Spencer crushed our intro. Sound editing with great clips that demonstrate moments (IT’S MARCH AND WE LOVE MOMENTS) in Pac-12 basketball. It’s fantastic. To open this Pod, he crushes (different use) the Pac-12 right during that very intro. It’s also fantastic.

And then I also crush the Pac and explain why no, right now, I don’t #BackThePac.


One thought on “Podcast of Participants. The Pac-12 stunk

  1. Hi Adam,
    I am sure that there are conferences that have no one left in the 2016 NCAA men’s tournament. We do have the Ducks! As a huge fan of the AZ Cats I was disappointed.
    The PAC 12 fans kept hearing how great the PAC was playing in the “Conference of Champions.” Of course everyone was shocked at how fast our teams lost!
    Unfortunately AZ had no Derrick Williams, Nick Johnson or TJ McConnell to hold them together and we lost without a leader!
    Next year!

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