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Week 3 Pac-12 Hoops Preview: The Broadcast Team

There’s so much to discuss. From Oregon’s run to the national title; my trip this weekend to Denver for a Bar Mitzvah where I’ll be either the oldest kid or the youngest adult but where either scenario ends with me at the kid’s buffet; this power movie; the conference’s first Top-10 showdown since everyone liked UCLA’s coach (January 12, 2008 #4 WSU @ #5 UCLA); the texts I got from my grandpa, a tOSU grad, all Monday night; or just an extra 80-words on the direction of the Tinkle tenure.  But in reality, this is all that matters:

Yes, kids, must hear television. We get Bilas and Walton this week. I don’t know what we did right, but let’s keep on doing it. Our week:

Game of the Week

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WANE: Ignoring the CFP and not the Beavers

Episode 2 is a live broadcast which we explain in greater detail deeper into the pod. This week we naturally explore Oregon State’s monster win over Arizona and – perhaps unnaturally – ignore the college football championship for our Duck faithful. #BackThePac. Also, how ’bout that new header, eh?

WANE (or on SoundCloud):

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Colorado’s Frustrations: Late Clock Defense

It’s a frustrating game and there are a lot of ways your team can frustrate you. From anything that happens on the court to the litany of things they screw up off of it. It’s the curse of fandom. And maybe you’re an optimist – see growth opportunities in a failed in-bounds or benching due to tardiness. Bless you and may that spirit take you far.

Of course one of the most frustrating things is when your team is struggling. When they just seem to suck but you can’t really figure out why. You can’t quantify it, there’s just a feeling – effing feelings – but you know it and the slouched shoulders aren’t helping. Neither is the scoreboard.

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PacHoops Power Rankings: Signature Wins

Only twice before has Wayne Tinkle even competed against a KenPom Top-10 team. He lost those two games by an average of 35.5 points. And then Sunday happened and it was basically a lot of this all happening at once. Namely, Tinkle Time arrived and as crunch time hit, only one team was tinkling down its leg. Big win.

The biggest game out of the state of Oregon of course comes tonight. Begging the question as to which should be more discussed? Beavers or Ducks? In my estimation its a no brainer. It’s not really even a question except for this guy who needed to learn how to take screen grabs (check the browser search windows). G’luck Ducks – may you fair better than the Pac’s Middle Amoeba.


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THREE FOR BART: Harden, Oops, Delauter

  1. The Future of Basketball Is Here, and it Looks a Lot Like James Harden – Excellent look at how the Houston Rockets have engineered their roster and the manner in which they play basketball. It’s interesting to read how NBA teams work so hard to maximize their offensive potential while the college game is so widely centered on defense. The talent discrepancy can’t be ignored and defense often allows you to mask those gaps. But it would be interesting to see a college team try something along the lines of what the Rockets are doing.
  2. Art of the Alley-Oop – This was evidently pieced together by students at the Washington journalism school. It’s well done and tells a good story of one of our favorite plays. Also some unique design elements.
  3. Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter – There is a hidden brilliance in this counter-trolling effort by the Frederick News-Post. I encourage you to read this and note the first letters of each of the article’s paragraphs. I think you’ll like this one.

THREE FOR BART: Data, Sling, Pack-line

**updated! Just discovered the first link was busted. Here’s the noob:


  1. Dish’s new Sling TV is a huge deal. Here’s Why – I have a great drinking buddy with whom I’ve taken the conversation deep into the night on this subject. Live sports – as this article acutely highlights – is keeping cable alive as we know it. Dish’s latest incarnation, Sling TV, is a first effort to stay ahead of the evolving way in which we consume. Also, take note of the Per User chart. Those are some of the prices the Pac-12 Networks is competing with as they continue to find deals with the providers.
  2. Film Session: How Does Virgina’s ‘Pack-line’ defense work and how do you beat it - Dauster does a very succinct and easy-to-follow breakdown of how the Pack-line defense works. This is the defense that Arizona uses and – as the title suggests – provides a blue-print for how to beat the defense. Does your team have the pieces – the movement – to create the match ups necessary to beat it?
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Week 2 Pac-12 Hoops Preview: CFP Mentions

Before we get too serious with things, I want to remind all Oregon fans that there are two games this weekend – in Eugene – and their attendance would likely be appreciated. That said, if you’re preoccupied, I’d understand. Hell, Dana Altman might even get it. SCOOOOO BUCKS DUCKS. Allow me to remind you that I’m a heart divided. Grandpa – who’s daughter is featured at the tail of this post – gave me a different Ohio State sweatshirt for the first 13 years of my life. I grew up in scarlet hoodies – for the weekend a year that I’d wear one in Arizona – and dad telling me what an asshole Woody Hayes was (great story about my dad’s law partner and Woody Hayes, ask me about it some time). But after grandpa, grandma, a buncha cousins, and a video of my mom telling me she’d root for OSU over Arizona (her alma mater) I have some really good Duckships (which is friendships with Duck fans). Am I split? Probably not. Let’s talk Monday around 10 PST. I love all y’all.

Week 2 Preview:

Game of the Week

The obvious call here is the first ever CFP championship game in which Oregon or Ohio State will arguably earn themselves the moniker of MOST DESERVING COLLEGE FOOTBALL CHAMPION EVER. That’s literally what I’ll run with. In the hoops world this is – to be honest – a really uninteresting week of Pac-12 basketball. Can we say that in week two? Am I supposed to hype something that’s unhypable? Neverthless, I think the game I’m most interested in is Stanford’s visit to UCLA. It’s doesn’t feature the two best teams to face off or arguably anything even that close to it. But Stanford came it at #3 in our Power Rankings this week suggesting, they’re good. Good enough to beat UCLA in Pauley. For UCLA, that would be six straight. Reeling. Conversely, this would be a really big win for a team that needs a really big win. The Bruins are capable of doing it but will they? I’ll be watching to see if Bryce Alford can connect on his first three point bucket of 20-Quinceañera.

Game to Avoid

This one’s pretty clear to me but if you disagree, you have the opportunity to channel hop. Simulcast with our GotW – Thursday at 6pm PST on FS1 – will be Arizona State’s visit to Corvallis. While I like what Oregon State is doing with Tinkle Time, and think this is one of their best opportunities at a distinguishing win, I really don’t think this is remotely must-see. You can probably save yourself the thumbing, stick to ESPN and the ‘Furd-UCLA game, and use TV timeouts for things like the restroom or calisthenics.

Something to Prove

Sorry to be redundant but it’s got to be UCLA here. They’re losers of five straight and in unimpressive fashion. But, because I’m not going to harp on one team throughout our Week 2 Preview, the team with the most to prove could be the Oregon Ducks. On WANE this week, Spencer and I talked about this being a sleeping giant (can you call a team that mid-season? I feel like that’s a phrase reserved for the “Program” level and perennially used to make ASU football fans feel good). The Ducks have played well for the most part and host the Wildcats who haven’t won in Eugene since 2010 (which is misleading because it was December 30th 2010 but nevertheless it’s been quite awhile).

Also going to give a Colorado mention. They played better against the LA schools, got a kick in the emos from Xavier Johnson, did it all without Josh Scott (whom they’ll get back tonight at Utah) and won’t be lost in the thin air of Salt Lake. Further, they’d kicked the demons of never beating UCLA so why not this curse, too:

Something to Lose

UCLA? Nah. OK but seriously. UCLA. But for serious, we’re so early and the schedule is so light that there isn’t much for people to lose. If forced to pick – and I’m forcing myself to pick – I’m going with the Cal Bears. After a big win over UW they lost to WSU suggesting anything is possible. So losing to USC on the heels of that would be bad. Malo if you’re speakin’ Spanish.

Texts from Family Members

This is our newest feature where I text my mom or another family member about the happenings of last week’s Pac-12 to see what she or they have to say. I already can’t wait for next week:




  1. Hall of Fame PED hypocrisy must end – The title deserves an AMEN. Yesterday, Barry Bonds was once again not elected into baseball’s increasingly irrelevant Hall of Fame. I tentatively use the word ‘irrelevant’ because if we discuss the merits of a HOF career every year, is the HOF really irrelevant? Perhaps. The point, however, should be that Bonds his .306/.452/.551, 3 HR in 49 ABs against Randy Johnson, the newest lefty in the Hall. This is just the tip of the stats ice berg that Bonds owns. A Hall that won’t include it’s best players is indeed famous, just not for the right reasons.
  2. What is Going on with UCLA Basketball - Kyle Kensing dares to call UCLA a…well, you’ll have to read to find out. This is a very interesting take on a very unique situation. UCLA definitely ranks amongst the blue bloods. But Kensing does a great job of contextualizing that. Further, he delves into the idea of Alford’s sustainability. I’ve made it known that I don’t feel you can judge the Alford era in just 18 months. That’s absurd. Sure the program’s direction projects poorly right now. They’re in a bad place. And ya know, losing three first-rounders and two projected contributors will do that. Further, a $10M buyout screams JOB SECURITY as does two top-40 recruits locked up for the forthcoming year. Anyhow, good article, Kyle.
  3. Scientists Agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps - Oh I see you adenosine. I see you every mid-afternoon. Maybe Vox needs to write us a Letter to Your Boss excusing a brief, post-espresso nap. For the sake of full disclosure, regarding my coffee intake, I’ve been making what I call an Eyeballed Americano lately and not been taking naps. This is where I put a dash of water into my mug – it has ballerinas on it and was ‘acquired’ from a previous roommate – and then top that off with two espressos. It’s a good combination from a bad coffee machine. But I’m not one to complain about having an espresso machine at the office.

WANE: Antiheroes and the Second Season

It’s raw. It’s perhaps not technically sound. But what would it be if not unexpert. WANE: Technical Difficulties is back. Spencer and I get back on the podwagon a week deep into 2015 (there’s New Year’s talk) and a week deep into conference play (SPORTS!). We begin season two.

(you can also jam it here, on Sound Cloud):

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THREE FOR BART: Airplanes, Braxton, Solomon

  1. Why Airlines Want to Make you Suffer - This is a devastating one. It all makes sense because it’s making cents and there’s nothing to be done about it. Or is there? I’m not even sure. I thought about driving to more places but then realized the immediacy and convenience – promptness only – of flying. It’s our fastest means. The world around us is becoming increasingly customized and personalized. Simplification and customer service are ubiquitous. The phrase “there’s an app for that” suggests everyone is trying to help us, the consumer. Why aren’t the airlines?
  2. Ohio State QB Braxton Miller Predicts Oregon to Win National Championship – This is kind of hilarious and probably not worth a complete #34b link, but it does ignite a grad transfer debate for the injured star. Isn’t UCLA losing a dual threat quarterback? Or wait, isn’t Oregon? Thinkaboutit.
  3. Solomon Hill’s Development a Silver Lining for Struggling Pacers - My man! Here’s the guy who once told me he’d never gone to Tucson’s most famous late night burrito joints because – well – because he was aiming to be a first round draft pick. And then he was. And now he’s playing (almost) like one. Hill was one of my favorite players to play in Tucson because he seemed to embody the program from the day he arrived. I don’t mean that Solomon Hill played “the Arizona way” or whatever corporate saying you might include. No. Hill arrived an overweight, perhaps overrated, freshman into a program that was out of players and overrated. Together, they worked their asses off. And one day, in June of 2013, David Stern announced Solomon, a first round pick.