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Podcast of Champions. In game Pod: Arizona-Fresno State

We thought – since we like getting together to watch hoops – that we’d record what that sounds like. Consequently, Spencer and I have a preference to watch Arizona basketball games and if you were ever curious – for any reason at all – what it’s like to watch a game with us, here’s your chance.

What game should we watch-pod next? Was this a worthwhile task? Would you rate our podcast?

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PacHoops Power Rankings: Everything Isn’t Awesome

Everything really isn’t awesome. I hate leading each week with what a bummer of a collective we follow but – aside from Oregon – the collective Pac-12 bubble made few strides this week. The NCAA tournament is like a healthy cell and the Pac-12 has three viral proteins evolving – unsuccessfully – to permeate it’s strong cellular membrane. What? I’ve been staring at the Cal slot on this power ranking for a day-and-a-half. All I can conjure is I think Dwight Tarwater has a producer credit on the Lego movie.

12) USC

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