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PacHoops Power Rankings: An Old Number One

The game of the year was played this week and it wasn’t in Seattle (I see you, Russ) and it wasn’t in Tucson (though I see you, Stanley). If on Wednesday I’d written that the GotW was going to be played during #Pac12AfterDark in Pullman, you’d have thought me crazy. But Ernie got his first win over his old team and it was full on crazy. Further, Arizona rolled up on Utah just to remind everyone where the Pac-12 is won. February 28, however. The one thing that delivered on its promise of greatness was Bilas-Walton on Thursday night. They talked about medicine and got into creationism. The duo delivered.

12) USC

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BB: Prognostication as a Friday Winds Down

Friday’s aren’t the most productive days if we’re talking about gainful employment.

If we’re talking about post-Thursday night hoops talk and pre-Saturday hype, Friday’s are phenomenal. I got into more than a few conversations on Twitter and gchat about Arizona’s great performance Thursday, classic UW-AZ moments, perspective and fandom, and how depleted USC is (could be saving KO’s job). I even garnered directed trash talk.

Lots going on.

But it was all highlighted when my diatribe go-to, Brad, dropped this little prognostication bomb:

Brad:  ah
well shit
here is what’s going to happen

 me:  hit me
 Brad:  Arizona is going to win by 3 tomorrow on a last second three point shot by nick johnson
the crowd is going to go fucking nuts
Shabazz is going to grab the PA mic and announce he is coming to UA
at which point the whole crowd will strom the court and chant UA UA UA UA
then arizona will run the table
lock up the top seed in the P life P 12 tournament
run the table
beating Cal by 22 in the final for good measure
blow everyone’s hair back by picking up a 5 seed because they lit it up in a show made for TV on national tv tomorrow
sew it up.
the leftovers are in the fridge and the jello is jigglin!
Enjoy GameDay Arizona fans.