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Week 9 PacHoops Pac-12 Power Rankings: TractManager investor, top coach in Pac-12

I imagine you’re going to start seeing bigger swings in these rankings as it only makes sense to reward teams for being as good as their last weekend. It’s like a weekend when family comes to visit and you don’t go to bars until last call. Monday – or in this case Tuesday’s Power Rankings – are just going to be a lot kinder to you. That’s a less-than-abstract way of asking Pac-12 teams to sober up? Or do we like a drunk Pac?

Which brings us to even further existential questions like: Do I want to live in a world where Alabama is winning national championships on trick plays? Where people watch an admitted one quarter of college football and their first take is “Lane Kiffin called a great game?” Where Andy Enfield runs the hottest team on the coast? I hope you’re sticking to your 2016 resolutions.

Power Rankings:

1. USC

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Week 7 PacHoops Pac-12 Power Rankings: From abroad

From our annual family trip to Mexico, I’m noting a slimmed Power Rankings. It’s no fault of the conference – hell, we’re just a week removed from Cal nearly winning in Charlottesville (will someone draw a play up for Ivan Rabb, please?). But the WiFi is spotty and the number of beach-centric activities is overwhelming (recommendation: invest in a Spike Ball set). I can’t dive deep.

And this is the last Power Rankings before conference play begins. To date, the Power Rankings have been dictated by a team’s most recent performance and other qualifiers. The equation looks something like this:

PR equation

Makes sense, right?

Anyhow, I’m going to include, (parenthetically), where I really think a team will finish with some justification. The parentheticals are different than our preseason rankings because we can now judge about 13 games of action. For example: George King, Cuonzo Martin, Jordan McLaughlin, Chris Boucher, Thomas Welsh, etc. We know things.

Power Rankings and Happy New Year:

1. Arizona (1)

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