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THREE FOR BART: AmeriLeague, Pac predictions, NBA scouts

  1. AmeriLeague founder tells employees he’s actually someone else – Let’s explore this headline beginning at the end. A man assumed a fake identity and has come forth as someone else. As his employee, this can be concerning. Now, AmeriLeague? This is the professional basketball league aimed at ruining your recruiting class. “Cerruti Brown” – the man who actually doesn’t exist – had formulated a semi-Pro league in which he’d begun recruiting some of the top prep players to play, domestically, for a salary. As it were, the league has gone completely defunct, although it seems it might’ve never had nearly the juice it claimed. Or a real person at the helm. “Cerruti” was actually Glendon Alexander, a 1996 McDonald’s All-American (also on the burger all-stars that year: Bryant, Bibby, Jermaine O’Neal, Stephen Jackson, Rip Hamilton, Tim Thomas, Mateen Cleaves). Busy week for OTL.
  2. 2015-16 Pac-12 Predictions: Cal to break Arizona’s streak – It’s another week or so until I’ll publish my preseason predictions. It’s with that foreward that I leave CBS’ Pac-12 preview here without commentary…except this:
    • Agree: Conference is not “down;” Oregon is flying under the radar; Norman Powell is a huge loss; Stanford lost a ton; Enfield has a talented roster; Josh Hawkinson
    • Disagree: “…said one long-time Pac-12 coach.” That was Ernie Kent or at least he said as much; Picked Cal first only to note their returners were wildly disappointing; You don’t replace Delon Wright.
  3. Colleges Cut to the Chase, Holding Practices Just for N.B.A. Scouts – This is a great concept when it makes sense. Bold statement, right? But the reality it’s much ado about nothing, a slight grasp at some extra eyeballs (case-in-point: an article in the New York Times that mentions LSU basketball). But Ben Simmons has a great quote in there that pretty much captures my feelings on the matter.

THREE FOR BART: Siri, HBO, Rebounds

  1. To Siri With Love – She may frustrate us and we may find her utterly useless. She doesn’t always come up with what we need. One time, following an impassioned speech by one of my bosses to our entire marketing department and every agency we work with, from my pocket, Siri noted, “I’m sorry I don’t understand what you just said.” It was perfectly ill timed. Siri isn’t perfect. But sometimes she is (this is all just a lot of words to say read this for a heartwarming tale)
  2. ‘Friends’ and Enemies: Netflix and HBO battle for the future of TV – Over cigars and scotch, I’ve discussed this topic deep into many nights. Television, as we know it, is poised for a monstrous overhaul. We’ve watched as nearly everything in our lives has been made increasingly convenient. From Uber and AirBnB to the above mentioned Siri, everything is being brought to us as we want it and need it. Convenience is the way of today. So when I don’t want to own a Bravo subscription, I shouldn’t have to pay for it. When all I want is a handful of movie channels (HBO) and live sports…oh wait. Live sports is the only thing keeping this while thing alive. That and decades old relationships between providers and producers and a lot – a whole lot – of money. Excited to see how all of this unfolds. Also, keep an eye out for Aereo.
  3. How Rebounds Work – Isn’t this the beauty of advanced tracking? We can understand, on a deeper level, such simple things as the rebound. And it makes great sense, right? The average team shoots – I dunno – 44%? Means greater than half the shots are drawing iron. Nevertheless, I greatly appreciate the conclusion here that, no matter what, there will be randomness. And that is why we play the game.