What is this?

I promise you, the Pac-12 exists. There are teams over here and they play on a rectangular court with ten foot baskets in arenas with an orange ball and ten players – five per team. Yes, while you’re sleeping over there, these teams play and play well. And let me get this out of the way: I’m not an apologist or fan of all twelve. I hate Arizona State and I’m not particularly fond of Oregon or USC all the time. But I’m also not happy with the also-ran reputation of The Conference of Champions (thankfully Larry Scott isn’t either) and can respect – to a high degree – what any one of these programs are doing. And for that, I want to talk about it.

So here’s what pachoops will bring: commentary, analysis, passion, objective opinions, biased opinions, the heat.

Grab a sweat rag, let’s do this.

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Find more of my work at: pointguardu.com (Arizona), pacifictakes.com (Pac-12), and Rush the Court’s Pac-12 Microsite (Pac-12).


One thought on “What is this?

  1. I’m reaching out to all pac 12 schools. I know a lot of people believe the utah basketball team should play byu because of the long history of the game.but now the mormon legislature wants to tell the utes they have to play byu. Do you want the government to tell your school who they can and can’t play. Please help!

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