Two Days Deep and a Whole Lot of Crazy

No one has showed up to watch the first two rounds of the Pac-12 tournament. That’s too bad.

Because from where I’m sitting – twitter, bars, gchat, text, bars, iPhone, bars, home – it’s been one helluva tournament heading in to today’s semifinals. A quadrumvirate of Arizona, Colorado, California, and Oregon State remain. This, non-coincidentally, is also 75% of the Pac-12 Coaches Death Match Final Four.

Alas, this final four is actually using baskets and balls and a 94-foot court to determine its winner and last night’s games treated us to four contests with a combined victory margin of 4.25. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, its gotta be March.

And so now allow me to remind you that Arizona is 3-1 against the remaining competition; Colorado is 3-3; and Cal and Oregon State are each 2-3. Make of this as you will. I’m going to ignore it because it is indeed March and only crazy shit happens. That’s why I nearly broke the refresh button on my browser during the Oregon State-Washington game and why I can’t wait for the Pac-12 Network and games streaming on my phone.

Then there’s the fad of ripping this conference’s resume. How even this late in the season, after the out of conference schedules were complete in December when we knew there would be very little RPI boosting, this is still a topic to be discussed is beyond me.

A wise man once said, “Carpe Diem.” Yeah, that was Robin Williams who is also notorious for utterly raging but he’s god damn right. If you want to wrap yourself up in wins against top 50 or SOS or Bubble Watch, that’s fine. But you just might be missing some good old fashion barn burners.

It’s down to an unpredictable four and that’s pretty sweet. Enjoy.

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