Advancing in the RTC Pac-12 Fantasy: On to the Semis

I just rolled through my opening round matchup against a very good Murawa squad.

Not many people have beaten John Wooden (DO NOT ASK DIGGER PHELPS ABOUT THIS or you’re liable to get enough highlighter to get four engineering, three pre-med, and eight law students through college) but Team PacHoops handled this group who at least had their socks on just right.

The Thunder kids (Westbrook and Harden) still couldn’t handle the likes of an Arizona backcourt. Ok, ok so those two were a combined 9-0 against the ‘Cats but Bibby and Dickerson flashed their rings while the Stoudamire family smoked them out rained threes and ran circles around beard-o and Sir-Shoots-a-lot. Jason Terry couldn’t crack the starting roster while up against Bibby and Dickerson and this time he couldn’t crack the lane with them locking down. The game was never close so Tyus Edney never had a chance to pull-a-Minnesota and was rendered irrelevant.

The POY Power Force (that’s what I call my forwards) had little trouble making plays, getting stops, and high-fiving (the PPFs love doing that). Look, Derrick Williams was a terrific Wildcat and did some terrific things for the program. He put the block “A” back into March where it belongs; he was the conference FOY and POY; he was accurate from distance and violent above the rim; he was charismatic and passionate; he still ain’t Sean Elliott. And the greatest Wildcat of All-Time wasn’t about to let DWill forget that. Maybe you make the argument that, in numbers, Tracy Murray outdid Ed O’Bannon. But in our second instance of ice flashing, Murray was toast. Eddy’s got the finger jewlery. The other Murray, Lamond, is solid to be sure. But he was just paving the way for Sharif Abdur-Rahim to, oh I dunno, be the greatest freshman in Pac-12 history.

And that’s when the uber nerds cry out that Kevin Love was the greatest freshman in Pac history. Sure he lead his squad to the final four and was the best player on a ridiculously NBA-ridden squad. But I ask, is he still playing in the Fantasy Draft? Nay. Playing out of position at Center – ask Team USA about it – Love was shown no amor by the behemoth Canuck and Bison. And no such sympathy was given to James Edwards despite how much I loved the battle of Husky bigs.

Hand shakes around cause this was a business trip. Next.

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