Pac-12 Fantasy Draft: Team PacHoops’ Centers

Who doesn’t like a good big man? He’s going to be endearingly awkward, certainly with all those moving parts there’s going to be elbows and knees abound; but when it comes together, when the knees spring upward and the elbow flexes to put a ball into the fourth row, then he’s just the man.

A difference maker because not everyone is seven-feet tall. You can’t teach that. I can run up and down the court dribbling four basketballs and purchase whatever the basketball equivalent of a Tom Emanski video is but I’ll always be whatever height I am.

This is a coveted position and so I chose wisely. Read on:

MacCulloch, Dele

Todd MacCulloch, Washingotn, 1995-99

  • Home: Winnepeg, Canada. Shaftesburg HS.
  • Stats: 15ppg, 9rpg, .4apg
  • Best Year: 18ppg, 12rpg, 1apg
  • Brag sheet: Pinball Champion
  • Seven footers don’t come often and they don’t always average double doubles. They also don’t always win pinball championships and if you’re sick of me touting this fact about the big Canadian then you don’t get it. Did you see King of Kong? The world of arcade games is serious business and as competitive as it gets. Mac has won on multiple levels and multiple mediums and I wanted winners on my team. Got ’em.

Bison Dele (formerly Brian Williams), Arizona, 1988-91

  • Home: Fresno, California. Santa Monica Catholic HS.
  • Stats: 12ppg, 7rpg, .5 apg
  • Best Year: 14ppg, 8rpg, 1apg
  • Brag sheet: Marched to own drummer
  • Tragedy beset the cordial big who did as he pleased and retired to greener pastures but that unfortunate end to his life won’t define Bison Dele. He changed his name to Bison. He retired at the age of 30 and walked away from the rest of his five year deal worth upwards of $35M. Sometimes there are bigger fish to fry and I welcomed a little life perspective into the PacHoops lineup.

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