Not So Pac-12 Awards: Best Mustache

The mustache has long been a staple of creepiness manliness and a demonstrated propensity for greatness. To adorn such facial design is to exude elements of blind confidence and favorable swag. A brief of hair so poignant it has been reserved to hipsterdom royalty.

Yes, the mustache is a grand aesthetic and but a handful of greats can rock such a coiffure.

The candidates for best mustache:

Spencer “The Mayor” Dinwiddie, PG, Colorado


This oversized (for the best) point guard wears an undersized (for the best) mustache. It is subtle in appearance only; for its stature is far greater than The Mayor’s nineteen years. By PacHoops voting he wore it en route to POY and is arguably the conference’s top PG prospect. Alas, it’s for his mustache that he owes this candidacy as well as the swag by which he owns the look.

Arsalan Kazemi, PF, Oregon


For but a single night, the Iranian-born Duck adorned one of the best handlebar ‘staches I’ve ever seen. It was the night Oregon lost to Cal on the Cobbs buzzer beater. Following the loss – and understandably so – the look was retired. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t epic. Like a dress at the Oscar’s, the Kazemi ‘stache sends waves far greater than one night. Damn, it was impressive.

Adam Butler, Blogger, UCSD



Not So Pac-12 Awards: Best Mustache

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