Waxing Seniority: Sabatino Chen

With the regular season now wrapped and the Pac-12’s seniors having played their final home games, we’re taking a tour across the conference and bidding this group of seniors farewell.

James Lucas is a contributor and moderator at AllBuffs. He’s an OG Buffs basketball fan and yet another great mind of basketball thought.

The first thing that has to be mentioned when discussing Sabatino Chen is the hair. His glorious, glorious hair. And I don’t say this mockingly as I rock the same hairdo as Tad Boyle (bald is beautiful dammit). I’m jealous. No matter what he does on the court, the hair stays the same – glorious and bouncing along.

The second thing that’s mentioned? The fact that this is a kid that almost no one wanted, and now he’s getting quality minutes (and starting over half the games this season) for a team that should be dancing in March. When Chen transferred to CU from Denver University, many complained pointing out that he barely got minutes on a team that was pretty bad. Their complaints were legit, but Tad Boyle once again proved that he’s smarter than everyone else as Chen slowly became a player that Buff fans learned to love. His hard-nosed defense and absolute fearlessness when it comes to guarding anyone endeared him.

This year, he took over the role of senior leader and has reportedly outworked almost everyone on the team. That work has paid off as this year his offensive game actually has a few solid elements to it. He’s predictable – when he gets the ball he’s either shooting a corner three, passing or doing a spin move to drive into the lane – but it works just enough that teams have to stay honest.

He’s worked hard to prove us all wrong, and is exactly the type of kid who makes college basketball fun. I’ll always remember him for two things while at CU. Obviously, the first is the hair – have I mentioned that it’s glorious? It is. The second?



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