The Pac-12 Networks Shortening the Off-Season

Two seasons ago when I cluelessly purchased this domain name my mom pronounces pa-choops, I had little more intention than to shout about the Pac-12’s basketball teams and learn a thing or two about the web.

The fact of note here has been that there has been no end goal to this. It has become abundantly clear to me that it is impossible – no matter the power of my words, the WordPress platform, or integrated social approaches – to make November arrive any faster.

But there has to be a way, right?

Baseball? Ubiquitous, on demand. A sport I once cherished but now see it for the time suck it serves to our busy lives. (That said, show me those composite GIFs all day long of Verlander’s four pitches. I will forever appreciate the minute details and October, I’ve just lost the patience for the daily grind of the game that perhaps too painfully serves as a metaphor for our own grind.)

College football? Ain’t here yet.

NFL? Ain’t here yet.

Soccer? That’s an every-four-years or lunch-break-with-Joel sport.

NBA? OK, I’ll confess, these playoffs are doing it for me and I have no qualms saying I love this run by Steph Curry and the Dubs.

And so, as it were, none of these shortens the months. There is no Off-Season Savings Time – a fall forward – to get to collegiate tip off and our favorite of games.

Or is there?

I present to you, recaps of first and second round action of the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Tennis Championships:


Ok, maybe not. But this has really been a round about way of saying I’ve started to do some work with the Pac-12 Networks’ Digital Team. An opportunity I’m excited to have and a role that I hope can allow me broader access to the conference.

Alas, that was me cutting my P12N teeth, recaps of a wild tournament with sixty-four teams vying to be the last group standing.

As a hoops fan, how much better can it get?

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