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Football: Game Time, Get Up

End over end the ball will tumble into the arms of a young man. He moves swifter and in directions I cannot fathom but with his movements marks the beginning of the collegiate season. Eight months of your team on a near weekly basis has returned (c’mon, hoops counts). I think there’s a word for it: AWESOME. Conjecture and projections are a thing of yester-broadcast (yeah right).

Mark Helfrich now has to be the lead man. Kevin Hogan has to play a full season. Someone has to carry the ball in Johnathan Franklin’s stead. Will Sutton’s gotta pop somebody. RichRod has to start someone. Kiff, too. Mike MacIntyre has to re-instill a fear of Ralphie. Sark has to…well I think Sark’s gotta win more? Kiff, too. The OSU secondary has to pick somebody off. Il Pirata and his Cougs must try again to outrush Ka’Deem Carey. Brian Johnson (Utah OC) has to coach up Travis Wilson to do something no QB has done in SLC since…Brian Johnson (lead the Utes in passing in back-to-back years). Sonny’s Air Raid has got to get bearish.

Johnny Manziel must play 21.5 halves of football.

It’s game time, game day and yet to bid your Saturdays adieu is inappropriate.

Hello. Shalom. ¡Hola! 你好. Hallo. привет. Hujambo. העלא. Bonjour. Sup? This is the beginning you’ve eagerly awaited since the last buzzer sounded in a hoops arena and you emerged to a steroids ridden baseball season.

And at this point you’ve received the alumni Facebook invite to join your fellow [insert mascot here] at [insert opportunistic bar with drink specials for anyone adorning that school’s attire but in reality it’s just one dollar off a bucket of still overpriced C-minuses]. You’ll experience the highs and lows of the season inside that bar and that T-shirt the student section passed out when you were a touch younger. Arrived is the familiarity of fandom and the unknown promise of a season ahead. Your squad might pull the big Thursday night upset. You might hook up with a recent grad. Your 2014 could start Rosy.

So much promise awaits.

End over end the ball will tumble into the arms of a young man. He could go left. He could go right. But he’ll be going.

Get up.

The Pac’s Candid Conversation is the Truth

The Pac-12 launched a campaign promoting the candid conversation they want to have with us about dropping DirecTV. They’ve produced a thirty-second clip per school candidly encouraging these highly targeted audiences to “drop DirecTV if you want to see these [insert mascot here].”

And I like this.

Candid conversations are the way of the future. They’re how things get done. It’s today’s marketing and it is the way we consumers want our information delivered. We simply have too much access to too many truths to be burdened with marketing fluff. I laud the marketers and sellers of the world to come at me with more of that truth. Is anyone really falling for the $X.99 deal anymore?

The Pac-12 wants me to drop the satellite provider that isn’t going to give me my team’s games? Ask me to do it. They have and I will. Well…if I ever had DirecTV. I find the idea of owning a satellite dish intimidatingly cumbersome and perhaps a dated technology. Call me old fashioned, I don’t want to be married to a sauce pan.


So if you want to read a true “switch story,” here’s one.

And if you yourself want to switch, the Pac will make that easy for you, too. Do it here. And this is my favorite part of the campaign. The cable networks – and service providers in general – often provide a miserable customer service experience and so for the Pac-12 to roll out the red carpet for dish dropping is brilliant. They won’t help you? We will.

As for the videos, they’re alright. As stated I appreciate their candid nature but I too appreciate nature and see SBN’s point: the nature channel ain’t that bad. Particularly as we sit here in the dog days of summer. Do I watch two sub-.500 baseball teams grind through the remainder of a game attended by 6k people or watch North America? Another Johnny Manziel report? Steroids?

The fact of the matter is I’ve been watching House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, but that’s neither here nor there.

The Pac-12 and I have spoken candidly. What are you going to do?