PacHoops’ Nine-Steps to Normalcy (and November)

If you’re reading this, know that I am well. Also know that I’m not entirely sure who your team is. What your favorite player did when the clock approached it’s termination and took the season with it. But I do know that more likely than not, your season is through. Tough. To help us, I’ve developed a nine-step grieving process which is really just nine things that you’re going to go through while still bumming out about a shot that never left someone’s hands.

It’s swift madness this tournament and game. From where I’m sitting now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Except every other way.

PacHoops’ Nine-Steps to Normalcy (and November):

  1. Run away – Particularly if you’re sitting in the stadium. Contemplate a 6-hour drive home no matter the hour and energy levels. This is a common tactic whenever feelings are felt and while it’s not long-term effective for anything, it’s an option.
  2. Pretend it didn’t happen – Whether you ran or didn’t you can act as if your favorite pastimes are crocheting and new restaurants. Those are safe and never hurt you. The final outcome of a basketball game never makes the new Asian-fusion bistro taste bad. It can, however, make everything taste bitter.
  3. Text it out – Turns out, you’re not alone! Group text is annoying as shit when it comes to figuring out Friday night plans but it’s cathartic as anything when you’re commiserating. Besides,  maybe one of your buddies has a totally new and fresh perspective on why you lost. That’s always fun.
  4. Know and comment on next season – Eff that. College basketball is brief. It’s fleeting. It celebrates one shining moment. You have to capture those moments as best you can. This moment was captured by someone else. But talk a lot about next season starting yesterday.
  5. Read a message board – Just to feel better about yourself and discover that despite how you’re feeling, you really do have perspective.
  6. Close your computer and eat a cookie – I did this and the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie was a little dry but the fudge cookie was to die for.
  7. Watch one interview. Alone – You cannot risk what might be witnessed by a third party so do this by yourself and make sure that you at least know the gist of what’s going to be said. Absolutely no surprises in this time. Then allow the one interview to spiral into all of the interviews and commentaries and replays. We both know it was going to happen so just do it.
  8. Read an article about the coach of the team who beat you and how he took his dad – as a birthday gift – for 30 straight years to the Final Four and how that dad passed away in August and that the first Final Four that coach will ever coach in will be the first he won’t attend with his dad Yes.
  9. Appreciate the season –  I’m serious on this one. To salvage your irrational fandom, to give yourself a reason to come back, find the ‘remember whens.’ Mention it in that group text or YouTube it. Recall everything that ever got your team into position to even break your heart and know that anything that does break your heart was probably worth it because everything before it made your heart swell. From the edge of your seat to the hallows of defeat, that’s a season. That is sports. For better or worse. Now have another cookie.

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