THREE FOR BART: Class, Winning, Yelling

  1. What it was like to cover Derek Jeter – Maybe you’re sick of me pumping this guy’s story – Jeter that is. And maybe you can’t wholly empathize with me that his retirement – as well as Paul Konerko‘s who is from my home state and played for the most storied HS program in the State that my HS team may or may not have beaten 14-2 in the 2002 state Semi-Finals – is the end of an era. I really don’t see a changing of the guard. This was baseball’s last link to what it once was. When it swept me up. And maybe you, too. I’m about to enjoy the hell out of the baseball playoffs. October is great. But this Jeter stuff struck a chord and recounting the “class act” we all lauded him to be (gift baskets aside), well, it just adds to the legend. I wrote it somewhere once that sometimes greatness can be just showing up. Jeter always showed up.
  2. How to always win at rock, paper, scissors – Beyond being an interesting story, this highlighted for me different ways to approach competition or even a problem. You don’t just win one way. This reminded me of a previously #34b link about the More Than One Way to Skin the Efficiency Cat. So I beg you: Think critically. And at the same time I suggest you just go for it. Sometimes greatness is just showing up.
  3. When is it OK for a coach to yell? – Honestly, the article doesn’t really answer the question. Read to get your own takeaways but yelling I can tell you this: Yelling is something you can’t fake. The scariest ‘conversations’ I ever had with coaches were when they were quiet and deliberate. We usually had to run a lot after those ones. We had to run a lot after the loud ones but those sometimes felt more like, “This again? What’d we do now?”

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