THREE FOR BART: Duck, Math, Typecasting

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at:

  1. A Day with the Duck: Oregon’s Mascot and the Silent King of Eugene – If nothing else, just read the final paragraph of this thing. Additionally, it was brought to my attention that the Duck is no longer called Puddles. I’ve been in the dark on this awhile.
  2. Here’s the proof that math is hot these days – As if I needed to provide external support of this theory. But in all seriousness, math is huge. The numbers don’t lie and if you’re not into it, well I’ll probably still have a lot of anecdotal content for you to consume. But I’m still going to rely on the numbers. Unless it’s March.
  3. A New Season of Typecasting for NFL Quarterbacks – Sure this focuses on quarterbacks, the most scrutinized position in sports, but I think the gist of the conversation expands far beyond and as college basketball fans I think the parallel is in the evaluation of coaches. Most recently we discussed whether Craig Robinson should keep his job. But it’s also about the legacy of such names as Bill Self (just one title!??) and/or who is elite (that word…). When is it time for a given coach to go? Shaka Smart? Bill Stevens? Johnny Dawkins? #IsItNovemberYet

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