THREE FOR BART: Shoes, Sheed, Upshaw

Three For BART is a daily (or really close to that) drop of three thought provoking articles for your commute or day. Submissions for inclusion taken at:

  1. Don’t hold your breath waiting for other shoe to drop – Earlier this week we saw the semi-overt-and-completely-legal-but-Woj-scolded recruiting practices of Coach K exposed. Well, not really exposed. He’s just doing him. This is a great perspective on shoe business, how it works, and how we want to but shouldn’t frown upon it. Business.
  2. Your annual reminder that Rasheed Wallace is a national treasure – I guaransheed you’ll enjoy this.
  3. 6-11 center Robert Upshaw looks on track to play UW basketball this season – Which is to say that it was in question. Now usually I’d want to expand upon this, probably give it it’s own post. But I’m smack in the middle of a big week with concerts and corporate events so it’s just not going to happen. Please recognize that UW has been size depleted the past few seasons so this improved track for Upshaw is big (pun) for the Huskies. He and the returning Jernard Jarreau will be crucial to improving the Huskies’ defense.

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