THREE FOR BART: Bioethics, Arrests, Joe

  1. Players union looks at data protection – One of the most interesting classes I took in college was genetics. It was miserably hard but Ali and I passed notes and next weekend I’m going to her wedding. It’s going to be great but I digress. What became evident in this class and the other biology classes I took was the issue of bioethics. If my entire DNA is mapped, what do I do with it? Can insurance companies refuse me coverage because I’m predisposed to X, Y, or Z? We’ve noted it before but as we become privy to more and more data, what are we going to do with it? The closing quote from the attorney well versed in bioethics is very interesting. Parts of this remind me of a clause the Chicago White Sox once pulled on Frank Thomas – a diminished skills clause. They got out of his contract. What if teams began to data mine for specific trends that would suggest a player’s diminished skills? Or an impending injury? And when this trickles into the college ranks, what of all that talk about guaranteed scholarships?
  2. Two Oregon Ducks basketball players cited for September shoplifting in Eugene – So this broke over the weekend. I have a forthcoming preview about this program and, as you might imagine, I note the normal Oregon Duck things like adjusting to brand new players and lineups. We have to ask the chemistry question again. But this season already has a different air about it. And now this.
  3. Mr. November – I don’t doubt you’re sick of me posting Jeter stories but this one has a bit of a secondary effect. As the Royals run through these playoffs – their first since 1985 – you’re going to have to follow Joe Posnanski’s blog. Not only is it incredibly well written, he’s unapologetically a Royals fan. He’s been waiting 29 years for this stuff. He’s writing from the gut. That’s the best kind.


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